Calculating Lost Profits from a Cyberattack

Digital Dollar sign in blue

By: Libby Neubauer, Forensic Accounting Manager At a glance The main takeaway: Cyberattacks can result in significant financial losses and potentially create lasting damage to a business’s bottom line. Impact on your business: Monitoring the most vulnerable areas of your business and enlisting the help of a forensic accounting team enables you to protect against…

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Patch or Be Hacked

At a glance The main takeaway: A successful automated patching program needs to be augmented with a vulnerability management program that has visibility to all computer assets in the organization, yet most companies are unable to keep up with the demand to detect, rank and prioritize vulnerabilities. Impact on your business: Many businesses lack proper patch management…

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Prepare for Scrutiny of Information Risk Management with SOC for Cybersecurity

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges when it comes to protecting sensitive digital information and programs. Unfortunately for many companies, the only feedback they get on the effectiveness of their information risk management systems comes after some form of cyber event, such as ransomware, data loss, a fraudulent wire transfer, or a system outage. The challenge…

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