Three Ways a Change in Ownership can Impact ERC Value

Financial advisor and clients reviewing and planning

At a glance The main takeaway: Companies involved in an acquisition or disposition during 2020 or 2021 have additional considerations for determining eligibility. Impact on your business: Any acquisition could impact your gross receipts analysis and your eligibility for the ERC. Next steps: Contact Aprio to assess your ERC eligibility and understand the impact any…

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The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: Feb 7 – 11, 2022

international container ship

At a glance: Stock markets grew weaker due to the rise of inflation, the Fed raising interest rates to counteract inflation and geopolitical issues taking place in Ukraine. Inflation was hotter than expected with sticky inflation reaching multi-decade highs. Consumers are feeling disheartened by the acceleration in sticky inflation and as a result expect their…

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Ransomware: King of Cybersecurity Threats

At a glance The main takeaway: The fastest-growing threat facing businesses today is ransomware. There are numerous methods threat actors use to compromise networks, yet phishing, malware and hacking are the primary risks that need to be addressed. A 2021 study from Verizon found phishing increased to 36% of incidents, while malware doubled in frequency,…

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The Pulse on the Economy and Capital Markets: Jan 17 – Jan 21, 2022


At a glance: The markets had another rough week as stocks declined 4% globally, and investors favor lower-risk assets. Investors continue to worry about inflation and how quickly the Fed will respond. The video game industry takes a giant leap towards the Metaverse as Take Two Interactive and Microsoft announce huge merger and acquisition deals.…

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Embrace Technology to Combat the Labor Shortage in Your Dental Practice

At a glance The main takeaway: The dental industry continues to face labor pressure and increase patient demand, but by embracing modern technology and investing in your employees, you can ease the burden on your team and practice. Streamline operations: The key is to identify technology that will alleviate labor pressure and improve current workflows. Get advice…

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5 Tips to Increase Case Acceptance in Your Dental Practice

At a glance The main takeaway: The key to growing your dental practice is with case acceptance and in order to do that you need to communicate with your patients. Change-up your approach: Conversations about treatment plans with patients don’t have to be awkward if you take the time to develop effective and actionable communications. Get advice…

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The DOL Delivers Final Ruling on Reinstated 80/20 Rule

At a glance The main takeaway: The Department of Labor reinstated the 80/20 Rule on “dual jobs” as well as introduced the 30-minute rule, which is set to impact business owners who employ tipped employees. Impact on your business: While tip-generating work is done for specific customers, employers will need to determine a method to track a…

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5 Ways to Close the Labor Gap in Cybersecurity

At a glance Job security growing pains: With the increase of daily cyberattacks, cybersecurity jobs have become more challenging as pressure and demands rise. Root of the issue: Technology professionals are in the driver’s seat and are seeking remote opportunities with more flexibility. Next steps: Organizations need to modernize their working models and perks to keep and attract…

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