5 Ways to Close the Labor Gap in Cybersecurity

At a glance Job security growing pains: With the increase of daily cyberattacks, cybersecurity jobs have become more challenging as pressure and demands rise. Root of the issue: Technology professionals are in the driver’s seat and are seeking remote opportunities with more flexibility. Next steps: Organizations need to modernize their working models and perks to keep and attract…

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How to Attract and Retain Talented Employees with a Top Benefits Package

MAAGNET holding metal human figures

At a glance: Competition is hot: The labor market is more competitive than ever, as more employees leave their current positions to seek higher-paying, growth-focused opportunities. Stand out in the market: Employers can separate themselves from the crowd and attract the best employees by leveling up their employee benefits packages and perks. Get an expert’s perspective: Partner with…

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Blockchain: The New Fraud Fighting Tool

digital illustration with lock - security concept

At a glance: More than a trend: From banking and currency to supply chain and manufacturing, blockchain technology can support a wide range of industries by delivering immediate, transparent, and secure information. Blockchain as a fraud preventative: Real-world uses for blockchain technology continue to expand as users realize its full potential to combat fraud; however, no system…

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