Case Study: Using Transfer Pricing to Simplify Complex Intercompany Charges

100 dollar bill digitizing

About the Client: Aprio engaged an international security solutions provider that specializes in designing, installing, managing and harmonizing physical security systems across the globe. With a team of more than 270 trained and experienced industry professionals, the company has successfully executed thousands of security projects for some of the world’s most demanding and growth-oriented organizations.…

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Doing Business in China? Make VAT Part of the Revenue Equation

Consider this increasingly common international business scenario: A service provider offers data analytics to clients in China through an online platform. The provider does not have a physical presence in China. In fact, there is no office or legal entity set up in China. And service payments coming from China-based customers are consistently less than…

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Lower FDII Tax Rate Lures Foreign IP and Services Back to U.S.

Fiddy. Foe-dee. Eff-Dee-Eye-Eye. Whichever way you pronounce it, the new Foreign Derived Intangible Income (“FDII”) provision of President Donald Trump’s tax reform law means a significant reduction in taxes on exports by certain U.S.-based companies. Lawmakers intended the new rule to incentivize companies that don’t have large amounts of fixed assets (e.g., technology or professional…

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