Raising the Stakes for R&D Tax Credit Refunds

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At a glance The main takeaway: The transition year provided with the new filing procedures for R&D credit refunds is more than halfway through, so businesses considering amending to claim a refund should act soon to take advantage of the ability to potentially perfect denied claims. Weighing costs and benefits: The additional time and costs…

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How Changes to R&D Deductions will Impact your Tax Burden

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At a glance The main takeaway: Changes to Section 174 require taxpayers to capitalize and amortize all R&D costs, which could significantly increase companies’ tax burdens. Impact on your business: Companies that have been consistently investing in R&D can expect to pay more in taxes, while companies previously in losses could be at risk of…

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Maximizing Your R&D Credit as an ERC Recovery Startup Business

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At a glance The main takeaway: ERC recovery startup businesses aren’t excluded from claiming the R&D Tax Credit, but strict rules prevent companies from receiving double benefits. Impact on your startup: The right strategy could help you maximize both credits and increase cash flow by reducing your payroll tax liability through fully refundable credits. Next…

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It’s Official: Software Development Included in Tax Definition of R&D

At a glance The bad news: Changes to the tax code recently went into effect requiring all R&D costs to be capitalized and amortized, including software development. The good news: These changes provide more clarity regarding the eligibility to classify all internally-developed software as R&D costs, further strengthening the position to include certain software development…

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How Payment Facilitators Can Leverage the R&D Tax Credit

At a glance: Are you eligible? Businesses — including those that facilitate payments — can reap major savings from the R&D tax credit, but many miss out on the benefit because they don’t think they qualify. Get your questions answered: If you are a payment facilitator and unsure of how the R&D credit works, check…

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Aprio’s R&D Services for Healthcare IT Companies

Your company may be eligible for R&D tax credits if you: Design, develop or improve techniques, formulas or software Add new features or functionality to an existing product or service Improve processes related to the implementation of ERP systems R&D tax credits can provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction of taxes owed, or in some cases a…

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