Three Tips for Making the Most of Busy Season Client Meetings

We meet with our clients the most during busy season, scheduling calls and appointments as we help them meet their pressing compliance due dates. While we’re getting all this face time with our clients, we should be laying the groundwork for year-round advisory relationships. Here are three tips on making the most of those meetings.

  1. Plan proactively for 2017. Once we’ve gotten a client’s immediate needs addressed, take the time to explore what the client’s plans are for the rest of the year. What’s next for them? Schedule a post-busy season debrief meeting now so you can discuss upcoming opportunities with the client and how Aprio can provide guidance on their business going forward. Establish the value of timely guidance, and encourage them to reach out to us for advice whenever they consider or make any decision which could impact their finances.
  2. Determine the client’s preferred method of communication. Understanding our clients’ communication preferences is critical to building strong relationships. Ask the client what method of communication they prefer. We can communicate with clients in a variety of ways – email, phone and newsletters are just a few. Note their preference and use it going forward. By communicating in the way that’s most convenient for our clients, we make the client service experience as smooth and friendly as possible.
  3. Commit to a check-in meeting now. Set at least one “check-in” meeting later in 2017. By setting this meeting now, we show that we’re in this relationship long-term and we’re proactive about guiding our clients. Think about bringing a leader of another area with you to introduce to this client.

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