Barbara W. Morgan, CPA   

Government Contracting | Outsourcing Partner | I help federal contractors optimize their accounting systems and navigate the intricacies of doing business with the government.


Barbara W. Morgan, Aprio Government Contracting, Partner
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Who I work with

I work with CEOs and CFOs of both new and established federal contractors in the $2 million to $20 million+ range.

My specialty

I specialize in creating and optimizing accounting systems and practices that meet government contracting industry requirements. As a professional in this industry, I also have comprehensive knowledge of FAR accounting and DCAA system audit preparation. I understand the day-to-day challenges of running a small business and have worked with large commercial entities. This has given me the experience I need to help clients of all sizes understand and manage unfamiliar situations, such as venturing into new types of services or sectors, creating joint ventures or responding to government inquiries about financial data.

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Results I have delivered

I have a 100% pass rate on DCAA system audits for my outsourcing clients.

Unique things about me

I like trying to recreate great dishes I’ve had at restaurants. Sometimes it’s a great success (Moroccan Chicken) and sometimes it’s a horrible failure (Flan) — but I keep trying!
At any given time, I have about 60+ different jars of herbs and spices, as well as many more in the garden.

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When I am not at work

I love any kind of coastal or beach getaway!

People say I am

Whether it’s a new service, a great contract win or helping an acquisition grow…


Always ready to help my clients prepare for their next great achievement

St. John's University and VIP org


I earned my Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. John’s University. I’m an instructor at the Veterans Institute for Procurement (VIP), a nonprofit organization that trains veteran-owned businesses to be federal contractors. In the past, I was a member of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce GovCon Council.