Grow Internationally

Aprio's experienced international team advises our clients who are seeking to expand outside of the U.S., as well as international companies looking to do business in the U.S. Our teams speak over 25 languages to support our clients working in and out of more than 40 countries around the globe. Aprio provides the tax, assurance and business consulting services to help you achieve your international growth goals.

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Buy or Sell a Business

Whether you are buying, selling or merging companies, our Transaction Advisory team is here to guide you through the process. At Aprio, our transactions team provides close, personal attention and is dedicated solely to advising our clients on business transactions. Our advisors are experts in transactions and leverage their breadth of knowledge, including tax due diligence and structuring, on both the local and international level to ensure a successful outcome for your business transaction.

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Secure Your Wealth

Successful individuals and families need one trusted source for comprehensive, objective financial guidance. The best advice starts with an advisor who takes a holistic view of your financial situation and works with you, your investment manager and your attorney to make practical decisions about your finances. That way, they can work with you to develop tax-efficient strategies that save you time and money, while setting you up for long-term financial success. Together, we'll make sure you're confident in your decision-making and in your financial future.

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Outsource Accounting

Whether your business is a startup or an established company, our Outsourced Accounting Services provide peace of mind by executing your accounting functions consistently, accurately and on-time. Our Outsourced Accounting team is dedicated to solving your needs from basic accounting and bookkeeping to CFO services, benchmarking and forecasting. Aprio can meet any accounting need so you can focus on your company’s core strengths, improve business performance and increase profits.

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Protect Company Data

With cyber attacks, data breaches and vulnerability disclosures dominating today's business headlines, protecting your business and its data should be high on your list of priorities. Business leaders need to mitigate these risks and be able to prove to clients and stakeholders that they are doing the right things to protect them also. Simply having an information risk report isn’t enough – you need to have a solid risk management foundation underlying that report so that you feel confident that your business, clients and stakeholders are truly protected.

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Fund Innovation

Aprio’s dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit team works exclusively on R&D Tax Credits, providing unparalleled expertise. We work closely with the rest of your tax team to determine if these credits are a good fit for your company. Each year, U.S. companies save billions of dollars in tax obligations through these credits, which can be used regardless of the age of your company. If your business has recently designed, developed or improved a product, process, technique or formula, you may be eligible for federal and state R&D Tax Credits. These credits can provide your company with money that can be re-invested into your business or used to improve your bottom line.

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Minimize State and Local Tax

With dozens of different taxes imposed by each of the 50 states, addressing the impact of state and local tax (SALT) on your business can be a challenge. Aprio's dedicated SALT team specializes solely in SALT obligations. Our team has over 50 years of combined field experience working in industry, state departments of revenue, public accounting and private law practice. Our expertise covers all areas of SALT across all 50 states and within any industry. We are passionate about advising our clients on the varying consequences of business operations and transactions, while providing recommendations to minimize tax liabilities so you can put cash back into your business and safeguard your overall company value. After working with Aprio's SALT team, you’ll feel confident that you’re handling your state and local tax matters correctly.

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Turn Data into Decisions

Your organization may be accumulating vast amounts of data without an understanding of how to put it to work for you. Aprio Analytics advisors help organizations translate and transform that data into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed business decisions both now and in the future. We coordinate our services and work with your organization so that together, we can make sound short and long-term business decisions that drive businesses forward. We provide you with the understanding you need to make fact-based choices, manage risk and innovate.

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Maximize Technology Investments

Organizations buy software expecting significant efficiencies from automation that will help drive their businesses forward. Aprio Information Technology advisors take a less-is-best approach, helping you maximize efficiency by determining the best technologies to support your business and fix existing systems that aren’t working. We advise your business in system selection, process improvement, system integration and application development. Aprio connects the dots between people, process and technology to maximize the return on businesses’ technology investments.

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Resolve a Business Dispute

Legal disputes are an unfortunate reality in today’s business environment. Aprio provides litigation support, forensic accounting and dispute resolution services for clients faced with complex legal issues that can have financial impacts on their business. Our years of experience enable us to clearly present complex data and scenarios that can be used to build a credible case for either side of a matter, and we present our findings so that they meet all required local or federal regulations necessary for mediation or trial. At Aprio, we minimize the impact of a dispute on your business operations by bringing a mutual respect for your needs and the requirements of the courts.

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Aprio Named Top Workplace in Atlanta for Second Year by Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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