Process Improvement & Project Management

Realizing the full potential of growth investments requires a clear definition of success, a detailed roadmap and strong project management.

Aprio provides the guidance and support you need to achieve your business objectives.

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Brian Matthews

Advisory Director, Aprio Private Equity | Process Improvement & Project Management

Achieve your growth objectives with Aprio’s project management and integration expertise

Growth events like M&A transactions, changes in ownership and software implementations are intended to deliver results. Aprio provides the expertise you would expect from a large global provider, delivered with attentive client service by experienced senior-level team members. Aprio can help you achieve your desired outcomes to drive return on investment.

Who We Serve

Aprio’s Process Improvement and Project Management Services help companies and private equity firms realize the potential that growth investments are intended to deliver. We work closely with CEOs of positive revenue companies and their investors in industries that include:

Manufacturing and Distribution

Professional Services

Government Contracting

Private Equity

Aprio helps you design the plan AND execute it.

Effective transactions and transformations require strategic planning and strong project management. Aprio
provides the experience and hands-on guidance you need to successfully navigate change.

Process Improvement
Move from current limitations to your future vision of increased efficiency and reduced costs

Integration Management
Streamline acquisition activities from start to finish to achieve successful business combinations.

Project Management
Transform your business, overcome challenges, bridge gaps and confidently comply with regulations

When a special project requires specialized expertise, call Aprio.

  • Organizational designs
  • Business transformations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Ownership transitions
  • Product launches
  • Brand divestitures
  • Technology implementations
  • M&A transactions
  • Exit events
  • Capital raises

Comprehensive services for transformational growth

Thrive through every stage of the business lifecycle

Accelerate synergies

The design and delivery of a desired future state starts with understanding current limitations. Then we provide the experienced teams you need to achieve objectives and drive speed to value.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

We diagnose the organizational issues behind inefficiencies and expense bloat. Then we identify the roles, processes and technology to achieve lasting change and profitable growth.

Enhance your return on investment

Aprio connects the dots between an organization’s past and the goals of a new transaction to achieve successful business combinations and desirable outcomes.

Aprio's Approach

People Centered

We establish a vision and strategy that puts people at the center of every consideration.

Growth Mindset

Aprio makes growth a top priority in all integration activities.

Risk Management

Identify risks that can stifle successful outcomes and get actionable mitigation strategies.

Technology Enabled

Aprio combines strategic and technology expertise to advance business objectives and drive value.

Financial Expertise

Aprio advisors consider the financial implications of transactions throughout integrations.

Realize your business's full potential.

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