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Matt Wise

Assurance Practice Leader

A better audit experience

For private and closely held companies, precise financial statements provide the accurate information needed to effectively manage successful business relationships. Aprio’s financial assurance advisors offer specialized audit expertise that gives you and your stakeholders the confidence and financial insight needed to make sound business decisions.

Seamless remote audit services around the globe

Aprio tailors our services to meet the unique business needs of our clients. Leverage Aprio’s proven remote processes and cloud technology to safely demonstrate compliance and meet deadlines without on-site auditors.

Aprio uses Avii, a state of the art collaboration platform that enables easy direct response to document requests through secure upload capabilities and simple project progress tracking progress through a personalized dashboard.

We focus on building trusted relationships, clear communication and efficiency throughout the audit process, making the audit experience effortless so you can focus on what’s next. As a registered member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), we adhere to the highest professional standards and provide a full range of financial assurance services.

Financial Assurance

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