Treasury Optimization Services

Reduce Banking Fees to Maximize Profitability



Tim Saulnier

Director, Treasury Optimization Services

We make it easy to realize savings.

Today 85 percent of businesses overpay for their banking services. Most finance professionals agree their fees are high, but they are simply too busy to chase the money. Aprio Treasury Optimization Services provides a unique offering that enables you to reduce your banking fees. We use our banking experience to provide a detailed analysis of your bank transactional fees against what others are paying nationally, then we negotiate your fees to “Best in Class” pricing.

Maintain your current bank relationship

We simply coach and counsel your bank to drive savings. It’s that simple.

No upfront or hidden fees

We share a portion of the savings generated. If you don’t see savings, we don’t get paid.

We make it easy to realize savings

Our four to five-week process requires less than a two-hour commitment from you or a designated point person.

Areas of opportunity and savings

Banking fees can be confusing, and most businesses have fees attached to their accounts for services they don’t even need. Aprio Treasury Optimization Services helps you save money ensuring that you aren’t paying for services you don’t use and maximize the use of the services that you need. In addition to fee savings, we enable the improvement of days payable outstanding and days receivable outstanding while freeing up trapped working capital. We also ensure that your company is operating in the most efficient treasury structure.


We do all the work – you realize the savings

If you are like most finance professionals, the last thing you need is another project. Aprio Treasury Optimization Services won’t create more work for you. We do all the work and you realize the savings. It’s that simple.


No upfront fees

Aprio’s Treasury Optimization Services team charges no upfront fees. We get paid on how much money we can save you. Our consulting engagements are typically structured as three-year commitments in which Aprio and the client share a 50/50 split in the total savings realized in years one and two. The client receives 100 percent of the savings in year three. To ensure long-term savings, ask about our annual and biannual fee monitoring services.



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