International Business Services for Multinational Companies

We speak business in 60+ languages.

Aprio’s International Services team understands how new laws and provisions will impact international tax planning and your business so that you can:

  • Safeguard both inbound and outbound international investments.
  • Optimize your global tax strategy.
  • Reduce your effective global tax rate

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Yelena Epova, CPA

Atlanta Office Managing Partner, International Practice Leader

Conduct business in your language

Aprio's global accounting advisors serve inbound clients across Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Receive the international accounting expertise you would expect from a large global provider delivered by senior-level team members that “speak business” in 60+ languages.

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International Tax, Audit, and Consulting Services

Aprio's international business solutions have been at the forefront of the global tax and assurance advisory profession for over three decades.

Outbound Services

Navigate compliance challenges, protect your bottom line, and reduce the risks of conducting business abroad. Aprio can help you cross new borders with confidence.

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Transfer Pricing

Simplify transfer pricing planning, compliance, and reporting with streamlined processes that help you reduce your global effective tax rate and avoid costly penalties.

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Global Mobility

With locations and team members across the U.S., Aprio’s dedicated Global Mobility team
has 50+ years of experience serving multinational clients in 50+ countries around the globe.

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State Tax Consulting and Compliance

Make state taxation less taxing. Get the guidance you need to identify, quantify, and mitigate current and prior state and local sales and use tax obligations.

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Global M&A Transaction Due Diligence

Gain the information edge in transactions with an independent perspective that identifies deal-breaker issues and opportunities to increase ROI.

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Inbound Services

Coming to the U.S.? Aprio can be your one-stop provider. Create the optimal tax and legal structure. Simplify federal and state tax compliance, audits, and reporting with managed accounting and payroll services.

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IFRS Accounting Services

Aprio’s International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Service provides the transparency you and your investors need to identify opportunities and make informed decisions.

Customs and Tariffs

Aprio can help you overcome the challenges of importing and exporting tangible products and complying with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements.

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Business Tax Credits and Incentives

There are many valuable federal and state tax credits available to your company. Aprio can help you create a tax strategy that maximizes the value of these credits. 

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Managed Accounting Services

Establish an efficient back-office function that provides fast access to accurate financial insights and advice. Aprio combines best-of-breed technology with experienced accounting and payroll advisors.

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We deliver results

Our results driven-approach, expertise in international tax services, and proactive client service have solidified our reputation as the largest privately-held, international tax practice in the Southeastern United States.

Reach farther and cross new borders with confidence

Today over 30% of Aprio’s annual revenue is tied to international companies. Our global accounting advisors proudly serve clients in over 50 countries, and over 3,000 multinational corporations partner with Aprio for inbound and outbound expansion projects.

Extending our reach even further, Aprio is also an independent member of Morison Global, a network of 163 individual member firms across 85 countries.

3,000 multinational corporations supporting their U.S. operations and expansion projects

Comprehensive advisory services

Experience the efficiency of getting all of your business services from one trusted provider. Aprio offers fast access to a comprehensive suite of business advisory services and specialists with deep international business experience.


“I highly recommend Aprio. We have been sharing experiences with other UK companies who are branching out and expanding internationally, Part of that knowledge share is to introduce professionals such as Yelena. Yelena and her team provide a true world- class service with their expert knowledge and global qualifications. They support us in 4 countries, and they empower us to focus on our business.”

- Alison Ashurst

Co-Founder & CEO at ASH Projects

Meet Aprio’s International Team leaders

To discuss your specific needs, contact Yelena Epova, Atlanta Office Managing Partner and International Practice Leader.


Yelena Epova
Atlanta Office Managing Partner, International Practice Leader

Kristin Maeckel Headshot photo

Kristin Maeckel
German Practice Leader, Tax Partner

Ryan Ahn

Ryan Ahn
Japanese and Korean Practice Leader, Partner, Audit

Vanessa Piedrahita

Vanessa Piedrahita
Latin America Practice Leader, Tax Partner

Wendy-Lu-Cover cropped

Wendy Lu
Chinese Practice Co-Leader, Tax Partner


Stella Chen
Chinese Practice Co-Leader, Tax Partner

Jed Rogers - Service Leader

Jed Rogers
Tax Partner, International Services

Carl Budenski at Aprio

Carl Budenski
Director, International Services/Transfer Pricing

Shivam Malhotra

Shivam Malhotra
Global Mobility Services Leader, Tax Partner

Jay Cho

Jay Cho
Tax Director, Customs & Tariffs

What is “your next”?

Our tagline says it all. We are “passionate for what’s next.” Whatever lies ahead for your business, Aprio stands ready to help you advance. Our clients benefit from a proactive team of specialists that collaborate to build value, drive growth, manage risk and protect wealth.


Leverage our growing suite of advisory services to transform your business, manage risk and support profitable growth.


Provide the financial, non-financial and information assurance reporting and attestation that clients, stakeholders and regulators require.


Get comprehensive tax services for you, your family and business, plus specialty tax services including international, state and local tax and tax credits and incentives.


Integrate financial planning, investment management and tax services to help you achieve your goals.


Control costs and scale your business with technology-enabled outsourced accounting solutions that offer on-demand access to financials and expert advice.

Is there a fit?

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