Carl Budenski

Transfer Pricing Senior Manager | International Services | Helps businesses optimize their international tax structure, maximize cash flow, and minimize risk exposure


Carl Budenski at Aprio
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Who I work with

I work with owners and C-suite leaders of multinational companies of all sizes and across many industries, who want to grow their business by expanding internationally. I enjoy learning what makes each business unique and am passionate about helping them grow.

My specialty

As an economist, I love helping clients understand the benefits of having a proper transfer pricing policy in place, as well as the tax implications associated with doing business internationally. I am always looking for ways to help my clients increase their business’ tax efficiency. Some of my favorite projects involve helping companies with supply chain planning, intangible property valuation, cash flow planning, and economic analysis.

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Results I have delivered

I helped a multinational company save $1 million in US tax annually by implementing appropriate transfer pricing policies. Using transfer pricing, they were able to compensate their offshore service center for valuable services that allowed them to generate above industry average margins in the US, and realize significant tax savings.

Unique things about me

I am an avid baseball fan and attend many games each season. I also enjoy traveling. When I was in college, I spent two weeks in the Bahamas as a crew member of a tall mast sailboat.

Carl Budenski with son at baseball game
golf course

When I am not at work

I am typically enjoying a morning run, playing a round of golf or attending a concert. One of my favorite ways to relax is by watching movies with my son.

People say I am


Technical, practical and knowledgeable



I hold degrees in Finance and Economics from Drake University, and a Master of Science in Finance and Economics from West Texas A&M University. I belong to the Drake University Dallas-Fort Worth Alumni Board.