Aprio Simplifies Transfer Pricing Compliance & Documentation

As a leader in transfer pricing, Aprio can help you reduce your
global effective tax rate and avoid double taxation and costly
penalties. Our streamlined processes and transfer pricing
expertise can save you time and money while taking planning,
compliance and reporting burdens off your plate.


Robert Verzi, CPA, Aprio

Robert Verzi, CPA

International Tax Partner

Results with confidence

If you are considering selling an international
business or seeking investment capital, you need to make sure your transfer pricing practices and documentation are in order.

Aprio’s expertise and proven transfer pricing
processes deliver results with confidence.

0 IRS changes
0 IRS changes
12X return on investment
12X return on investment

Expertise delivered

When it comes to navigating the complexities of transfer pricing, experience matters. As the largest privately held international tax practice in the Southeastern United States, Aprio has been delivering global tax, audit and advisory services since 1993.

Other CPA firms partner with Aprio to provide transfer pricing services to their clients because Aprio is a recognized transfer pricing leader.

reduce global effective tax rate

Reduce your global effective tax rate — for less

At Aprio, we are all about saving our clients money. From experience, we know that transfer pricing presents a unique opportunity to optimize your tax strategies and reduce your global effective tax rate.

Transfer pricing solutions for every stage of your business

Transfer pricing isn’t always a one-size-fits-all proposition, so we’ve developed solutions to meet the needs of companies at
every stage of the business lifecycle. Regardless of the size or stage of your company, Aprio can tailor our transfer pricing services to meet your needs.

Our Approach

We believe that value in the M&A process is predicated on three critical factors:

Having the right strategy

Having the correct pricing and terms

Having an integration roadmap that maximizes post-close financial returns while having efficient tax structures

Transfer pricing studies made easy

Clients often ask, “How much of my staff’s time will this transfer pricing study take?” At Aprio, we are committed to delivering a better transfer pricing experience. We’ve developed a streamlined process that creates less business disruption and delivers documentation that can stand up to the toughest regulatory scrutiny.


Aprio’s risk assessment analyzes all current transfer pricing policies on a country-by-country basis.


The results of the risk assessment are analyzed to estimate exposure.


We develop and implement transfer pricing strategies that achieve overall tax objectives , and we work with legal counsel in developing the required intercompany agreements.


We prepare transfer pricing documentation including the proper economic analysis for all material intercompany transactions.


We stand behind our work and with you to provide expert support during transfer pricing controversies.

Conduct business in your language

Aprio serves inbound clients across Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Receive the international accounting expertise you would expect from a large global provider delivered by senior-level team members that “speak business” in 35+ languages including:

Transfer Pricing



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