Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services

HR leaders and retirement plan sponsors count on Aprio’s experienced EBP auditors for stress-free mandatory employee benefit plan audits.

Get peace of mind with our EBP accounting specialists knowing that your plan’s financial statements comply with U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requirements.

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Kathryn Petrillo, CPA

Kathryn Petrillo, CPA

Partner, Employee Benefit Plans

Experience matters

Not all CPAs are qualified to audit employee benefit plan financial statements. The DOL cautions plan administrators to carefully evaluate auditor qualifications and not just go with the lowest-price bid.

Aprio’s experienced employee benefit plan auditors receive extensive EBP-specific training and have deep expertise in all aspects of EBP audits, including:

  • Fair value of plan assets
  • Unique aspects of plan obligations
  • Timeliness of plan contributions
  • Plan provision impacts on benefit payments
  • Frozen, terminated and merged plans
  • Matters that impact the plan's tax status
  • Transactions prohibited under ERISA
  • Prevailing wage contributions
Employee Benefit Plan Audits Results
Employee Benefit Plan Audits Results
Employee Benefit Plan Audits Results
Employee Benefit Plan Audits Results
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Employee benefit plan audits are our specialty

Aprio’s dedicated employee benefit plan audit team’s sole focus is EBP audits. We provide the quality and proven processes you would expect from a top 25 business advisory and CPA firm.

Our specialists understand the challenges associated with operating qualified plans in compliance with plan provisions and can efficiently audit your plan, while helping you keep ahead of industry developments, changing regulations and new laws.

Comprehensive EBP audit services

If your company is required by law to file an employee benefit plan audit with your Form 5500, we’ve got you covered. We have diverse audit experience with nearly every type of plan and complex plan issue. Aprio performs audits for:






Employee Stock
Ownership Plans


Defined Benefit Plans


Health and Welfare

A better employee benefit plan audit experience

Partner with Aprio for proactive and comprehensive Employee Benefit Plan Audit Services that simplify compliance, mitigate fiduciary risk and empower better plan decisions.

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