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Donna Dominguez

Donna Dominguez

Government Contract Compliance Leader, Advisory Partner

Experience You Can Trust

In the highly regulated environment of Government Contracting, one misstep can have serious consequences. To paraphrase an old saying: an ounce of compliance is worth a pound of cure!

Aprio’s experienced team has advised more than one thousand government contractors on how to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

Beyond helping Contractors meet the requirements, we also recommend and implement practical solutions designed to maximize profitability while minimizing risk.

Serving Government Contractors since 1980

We understand government contract compliance and what you need to succeed!

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Aprio’s national team, including our DC Metro office, provides an exceptional client experience. Leverage the depth of our government contracting experience and industry knowledge to achieve your business objectives.

Each member of our advisory group is a seasoned government contract compliance professional with experience in government accounting, government audits, FAR Part 31 Cost Principles, business systems, CAS, indirect rate development or restructuring, post-acquisition cleanup and combinations, and contract and subcontract management.

We understand the challenges you face because we have also encountered them. That experience allows us to deliver practical, timely solutions.

Our Services

Aprio has the technical and industry experience to assist you in every aspect of government contract compliance.  Including but not limited to:

Government Contract Compliance Services


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