Donna Dominguez

As a Partner with Aprio, I advise government contractors on a wide range of financial compliance advisory issues

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Who I work with

I work with companies that have contracts with the Federal Government, helping to maintain compliance with their contracts and business solutions. I typically work with companies that have cost-type contracts that are $10 million or more in revenue.

My specialty

I specialize in finding solutions for Federal Government contracting compliance, indirect rate structures and restructures, business systems and incurred cost submissions. I am experienced in matters related to FAR, CAS, ICS, DCAA cognizant audit support, provisional billing rates and cost proposal support.

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Results I have delivered

I strive to be a knowledgeable and experienced expert supporting clients by saving them millions of dollars that they would otherwise have to pay back to the Federal Government.

Unique things about me

I enjoy spending my time with family and friends. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, I am always happy to be with the people I love.

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When I am not at work

My favorite place to be is at the beach with my family and friends. On any virtual call with me, you will see some exotic beach background to perk up your day.

People say I am

I am known as DCAA Donna,


ICS Queen, and FAR Nerd, and wear all those titles proudly

Donna Dominguez affiliations


I graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I am a Board Member of the National Veteran Institute for Procurement.