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Aprio GSA Consultants have over 25 years of experience providing General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract acquisition and maintenance services.

Our team of GSA consultants leads you through the complicated, and often burdensome, process of GSA compliance, audits and investigations with expert service and attention to detail that helps you maximize your government sales in alignment with your short and long-term federal market goals.

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Hope Lane

Hope Lane

Partner, Government Contract Services Group

Dedicated Industry Professionals

Aprio’s dedicated team of experienced, highly collaborative GSA consultants are exclusively focused on GSA Schedule contracting.

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Who We Help

Companies who want to do business with the Federal Government, including emerging small businesses and large commercial companies, partner with Aprio for strategic guidance and regulatory compliance expertise to manage risk and make informed business decisions.

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Outcomes that add value to your organization through every stage


Access to experts when it means the most

Contractors with high GSA sales volume face unique risks that can make compliance failures costly. When the stakes are highest, there is no substitute for experience. Aprio’s dedicated GSA Schedule Consulting Team supports numerous complex GSA engagements each year. Our involvement helps mitigate findings, reduce potential liability and protect your contract from rate erosion.


Ensure the future viability of your government contracting business

Findings of IG Audits are affecting the routine compliance reviews conducted on all GSA Schedule contracts by Industrial Operation Analysts (IOA). If you aren’t in compliance, your contract is at risk.


Your one-stop shop for Government Contract Contracting

Client guidance is informed by our own experience and the expertise of other practice areas within the firm (e.g., business system audits, indirect rate calculations, accounting system implementation and optimization, cybersecurity standards, etc.). Our team is highly collaborative and all members benefit from each individual’s experience. Every member is assigned at least one area of subject matter expertise (e.g., professional services, OIG audits and Services MAC) to allow for in-depth coverage of the most critical GSA topics without impacting our ability to service clients.

Specialty services from an experienced, respected leader

Contract Acquisition: Commercial Sales Review,  Pricing Strategy Development, Offer Preparation
and Submission, Proposal Monitoring & Tracking

Contract Maintenance: Organizational Change Evaluation, Contract Modifications,
GSA Advantage Price List, Ongoing Support

Training: Understanding your GSA Contract and GSA Task Order Pricing, GSA Schedules Compliance Topics, Small Business Subcontracting Training

Audits and Investigations: OIG Audit Advisory, FAR Mandatory Disclosures, M&A Due Diligence, Internal Investigations

Aprio’s GSA Schedule Contracting Leadership

Hope Lane

Hope Lane

Partner, Government Contract Services Group

Jennifer Aubel

Jennifer Aubel

Principal Consultant, Government Contract Services Group

Shawne Carroll

Shawne Carroll

Principal Consultant, Government Contract Services Group

Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson

Principal Consultant, Government Contract Services Group

Get authoritative answers to your questions about doing business with the federal government.

Will my offerings fit under the GSA Schedule contract?

We want to sell our products in the federal space. Are there any compliance areas we should be aware of to reduce our risk?

Our products sell well, but we’ve never sold to the federal government. How do we start selling to federal government agencies?

How do I increase my federal rates?

How do I align my staff’s qualifications to federal labor categories?

What infrastructure changes must I make to comply with GSA Schedule requirements?

Should I participate in the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) program?

I was cited for concerns on my last Contractor Assessment. What do I do?

I’m in year 4 of my current 5-year contract period. How do I renew my GSA Schedule contract?

We no longer do business with our original Most Favored Customer (MFC). How does this affect my GSA Schedule?

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Partner with Aprio’s GSA consultants for worry-free compliance and unparalleled expertise.

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