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We interconnect service offerings developed from countless collective years of experience for your maximum benefit.

Franchise owners receive specialized expertise, custom solutions and personal relationships to help guide you to greater success.

Simplify accounting and optimize your tax position to enhance profitability and growth. Aprio’s experienced restaurant CPAs and business advisors can help you take your operation to the next level.

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Dana Zukofsky at Aprio

Dana Zukofsky

Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality Leader

Experience growth

As a restaurant, franchise or hospitality business owner/operator, you manage a host of business matters, from maintaining profit margins to complying with ever-changing regulatory standards.

Aprio’s innovative back-office solutions, financial guidance, tax planning and advisory services have been helping franchisees and restaurateurs achieve profitable growth for over 40 years.

Serving up solutions for restaurateurs

Whether you operate a single restaurant or manage multiple locations, Aprio’s restaurant Service Up Solutions assessment can reveal a wealth of opportunities to drive growth. Aprio’s full suite of advisory, audit and tax services cater to the unique needs of restauranteurs and hospitality companies. Our restaurant CPAs and advisors partner with you to reduce expenses, maintain compliance and seize opportunity.


Evaluate & Improve Operations

From initial design and development to marketing strategies and menu management, we help hospitality businesses perform at their best.


Optimize Financial Performance

Analyze your operational processes, reporting procedures, financial data and internal controls to identify risks and drive sustainable growth.


Elevate Your F&B Outcomes

Enhance innovation, brand recognition, cost controls and technology usage through benchmarking, team evaluation and fieldwork.


Secret Shopping Insights

Aprio’s secret shopping engagements reveal the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your market and within your four walls.

Empowering your third-party delivery profitability

Loop offers a suite of AI-driven solutions to help restaurant owners recover revenue lost to third-party delivery chargebacks and provides unprecedented transparency and insights into their delivery operations.

Aprio’s Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality team understands how third-party delivery services have changed the game for restaurant owners when they leverage delivery in their business. Through our collaboration with Loop, we can provide restaurant owners with actionable insights on enhancing their business.

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Freeing franchisors and franchisees from back-office headaches

In such a fast-moving business environment, franchisors and franchisees need every advantage to succeed. Improving efficiency should be an ongoing part of your strategy for financial success, empowering you to make continuous improvements.

Whether your business is a single location seeking to grow effectively and sustainably, an established franchise brand adding new locations, or something in between, Aprio provides a suite of back-office services and the financial solutions to help business owners and managers achieve their operational and financial goals. In the process of supporting your essential back-office operations with practical solutions, we analyze the function and effectiveness, looking for inefficiencies and potential liabilities, offering valuable insights for owners and managers.

Fast access to experienced advisors and comprehensive services

Tax and Business Advisory Services for Franchisors

  • Franchisor reporting services
  • Prepare and process franchisee invoices
  • Process franchisee payment processing
  • Calculate and process royalty payments
  • Create chart of accounts for financial statement reporting
  • Virtual and fractional CFO
  • Back office services

Back Office and Accounting Services for Franchisees

Secure your personal legacy

Build and safeguard your wealth long after you have exited your restaurant or franchise business. Aprio Wealth Management offers integrated financial planning and investment management that delivers clarity, coordination, and confidence.

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Custom support for McDonald’s restaurants

A nationwide leader in the restaurant franchise industry, Aprio has been working with McDonald’s owner/operators since 1984. We are uniquely positioned to provide the back office, financial reporting and business advisory services McDonald’s franchisors and franchisees need to operate a profitable business and prepare for future growth.

Our commitment to your success extends to our proud sponsorship and participation in the following organizations:

  • National Franchise Leadership Association
  • National Owners Association
  • National Field Offices
  • National Black McDonald’s Operators Association
  • McDonald’s Hispanic Operators Association
  • Women’s Operators Network
  • Asian McDonald’s Operators Association

Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality



“We have been clients for 25 years, and I want an Aprio bumper sticker to put on my car! I support them and they support me. They take care of all the office stuff so I can stay in my restaurants.”

- Barry & Lorraine Degonzague

“Aprio’s support and advice have been invaluable. Our family has been with Aprio for over a decade. It is important for us to have dedicated professionals with a relaxed, caring, customer- focused approach working with us, and their support and advice has been invaluable in helping us establish and grow our business. They have advised us through next generation candidacy, to multiple store acquisitions and operations, to a solid and well-thought-out succession plan. I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Chris Valdes

What is “your next”?

Our tagline says it all. We are “passionate for what’s next.” Whatever lies ahead for your business, Aprio stands ready to help you advance. Our clients benefit from a proactive team of specialists that collaborate to build value, drive growth, manage risk and protect wealth.


Leverage our growing suite of advisory services to transform your business, manage risk and support profitable growth.


Provide the financial, non-financial and information assurance reporting and attestation that clients, stakeholders and regulators require.


Get comprehensive tax services for you, your family and business, plus specialty tax services including international, state and local tax and tax credits and incentives.


Integrate financial planning, investment management and tax services to help you achieve your goals.


Control costs and scale your business with technology-enabled outsourced accounting solutions that offer on-demand access to financials and expert advice.

Let’s work together to create predictable success and financial independence.

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