Accounting Outsourcing to Support Growth

Get expert advisors for your accounting, state and local sales tax, and all your payroll and HR needs. With over fifty technology partnerships, Aprio's outsourced accounting teams provide the people and the software solutions to serve the unique industry needs of SaaS, eCommerce, government contracting and more.



Bruce A. Phillips

CPA, Managing Director & Partner, Outsourcing

Results for our clients

Get real-time financial insights and meaningful advice for smarter, better business decisions with Aprio's outsourced accounting services. Our clients include:

  • Global companies expanding to the US
  • High growth businesses
  • eCommerce and SaaS companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Family offices
  • A wide range of industries, from tech to nonprofits and everything in between

Outsourced accounting and compliance
expertise for government contractors

Aprio’s government contracting accounting experts help clients navigate DCAA, FAR, CAS, SBA, GSA, DFARS, and other regulations that impact government contractors. Our clients service the civilian, intelligence and aerospace sectors.

Monthly indirect rates and wrap rate calculations

Profitability by individual contracts

In-depth knowledge of contract types, billing needs, and limitations

Joint venture accounting

Support for DCAA/CMS auditor inquiries

Support for incurred cost submission

Understanding of rules for set aside designations

Policy & procedure development for FAR compliance

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Outsourced accounting for nonprofits

Aprio’s nonprofit outsourced accounting specialists help associations, charitable and religious organizations, and foundation and federal grant recipients navigate financial audits and grant reporting, correct prior accounting errors, and provide accurate and efficient monthly GAAP-based accounting services. Our services include:

Monthly accounting

Grant accounting

Audit preparation

NICRA proposals

Nonprofit revenue recognition

Restricted grant accounting

Cloud First – work with the leader in US outsourced accounting

Aprio has been helping clients advance their back-office financial processes, tax compliance, human resources and technology workflows since 2011. As one of the original cloud accounting firms, Aprio has always had a 100% remote team of outsourced accounting advisors to handle:

  • Accounting, bill pay & expenses
  • Taxes – income, indirect, state & local
  • Payroll and HR
  • Budgeting & forecasting

Technology Partnerships

Aprio has partnerships with over 50 industry leading technology providers including back-office accounting, bill pay, payroll, inventory management, contract management, ecommerce, reporting and data visualization tools.

Cloud-based Solutions

Aprio combines best-of-breed technology solutions with our expert accounting, payroll, and tax advisors to give you peace of mind. Our integrated visual dashboards inform, at a glance, how your business is performing with up to date budgets, sales, payroll, tax obligations, inventory and more.

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Aprio couples automated technology solutions with expert advisors to manage your accounting, payroll, sales tax & more – all from the cloud.


Supporting all 50 states for your payroll & HR needs, Aprio has a team of experts to help you automate payroll & benefits so you can grow and retain your workforce.


Stay ahead of your sales tax obligations with a team of state & local sales tax experts. Stay compliant with experts on nexus, state registrations, and more.


Aprio automatically imports marketplace data from top shopping carts like Amazon, Ebay, & Shopify to give you instant, real-time financial insights.


View industry-leading technologies vetted & tested by Aprio for accounting, bill-pay, payroll, reporting, ecommerce and more.

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