Successful dental practice transitions begin with Aprio

Whether you are ready to sell, buy, start a practice or simply start the conversation, Aprio’s dental transitions team is here to deliver a holistic dental transition experience. Your future begins now, with Aprio.

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Trenton D. Watrous, CPA, CFE, CVA, CEPA

Trenton Watrous,


Partner-in-Charge, National Dental Industry Practice

Aprio’s approach to practice transitions delivers proven results

A holistic approach to dental practice transitions benefits the owner because it encompasses every aspect of the business. At Aprio, we serve as a single-source financial partner for dental practices of all sizes, extending beyond the transition itself.

When you partner with Aprio, you have access to more than 60 years of dental industry and practice advisory expertise at your fingertips. We provide the dental acumen, resources and comprehensive services you need to evaluate your business, simplify the transition process and achieve optimal outcomes.

Successful dental transitions are our business

Aprio’s dental transitions specialists help you navigate the process and make important decisions with confidence. From finding the right practice and assessing valuation to choosing the right dental-specific financing, Aprio's dental advisory team provides the guidance for a better transition experience.

Connect qualified buyers and sellers nationwide

Provide transition roadmaps and implementation guidance

Assist with dental-specific financing

Offer practice valuations and strategies to increase practice value

Provide guidance during negotiations to drive cash flow at sale

Help provide structure for seamless succession

Implement tax and investment strategies to protect and grow post-transaction wealth

Young dental nurse performing dental procedure on black female patient before teeth examination at dentist's office.

Aprio builds lasting value for both owners and growth partners

Aprio’s goal is to create win-win financial scenarios and working agreements for dental practice owners and their growth partners.

Find the right buyer/seller

Build profit & work/life balance

Accelerate financial freedom

Create team & patient continuity

Acquire financing

Transitions can provide viable opportunities for owners to increase practice income now and grow long-term practice value through financing. Aprio’s dental industry specialists can help you maximize profitability and connect with dental industry lenders and financing professionals across the nation.

Advance growth

Establish the financial plan, strategic insights, dental-specific financing and resources you need to capture opportunities across the nation. Aprio’s dental transition specialists can help you prepare your successors and facilitate a successful transition that takes your dental practice to the next level.

Proudly partnering with Patterson Dental

Patterson Practice Transitions powered by Aprio, was formed as an alliance to provide Patterson Dental customers a single-source financial growth partner across every stage of the dental practice growth lifecycle and bringing excellence in collaboration with Aprio, LLP. Learn more about Patterson Dental.

Patterson Dental Practice Transitions Powered by Aprio

Buying or selling a practice?

It starts with a plan. If you are interested in buying into, purchasing or selling a practice, Aprio can help you navigate the decision-making process with confidence. From finding the right practice and assessing valuation to choosing the right financing option, we help owners simplify transitions.

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