M&A advisory and brokerage services for sell-side transactions up to $10 million

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Aprio’s Business Brokers leverage the power of Aprio’s comprehensive financial services and national network to deliver a seamless experience before, during and after the sale of a company.

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Leverage Aprio’s brokerage experience in Denver, CO across a variety of industries.

With over 88 years of combined experience, our team understands the complexities involved in changing business ownership. We have extensive knowledge of business sales, mergers and acquisitions in a wide range of industries.

Business Acquisitions by Aprio is a committed to providing the highest standards of professional business brokerage services to all parties involved in the complex process of transferring business ownership. Established in 1986, our team of experienced, licensed business brokers help sellers increase the value of the businesses they have built.

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M&A Specialists that deliver results

Clients in Colorado and across the nation seeking guidance on exiting their company or pursuing a corporate acquisition are all looking for one thing – results. As highly experienced M&A specialist backed by a top 30 national accounting firm, Business Acquisitions understands the complexities involved in changing business ownership. Clients value our deep knowledge of the M&A landscape and long track record record of guiding clients to successful outcomes.

Business Acquisitions combined years experience. Brokerage 88, Ownership 168, Consulting 133
Business Acquisitions combined years experience. Brokerage 88, Ownership 168, Consulting 133

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FAQs about business brokers

What our clients say about us

Whether you are a business founder, president, CEO, COO, CFO, investor or board member, we understand your perspective and provide a comprehensive, tailored approach based on your needs.

Our lower middle market clients appreciate the high professional standards and attentive service we provide. We are truly passionate about helping our clients simplify the complexity of transferring business ownership and achieving the outcomes they desire.

Business Acquisitions was amazing. Several times throughout the negotiation, we reached an impasse. Business Acquisitions was tireless in coming to the table with new options and different perspectives – finally resulting in the culmination of the purchase of my business.”

– J.L., Business Owner

Business Acquisitions’ understanding of the legal, accounting and tax implications of selling our business was invaluable in helping us achieve our personal and financial objectives.

– K.K., Business Owner

Professional representation of my firm during the sales process. Knowledgeable brokers who relay information promptly.

– P.D., Business Owner

With Business Acquisitions’ guidance, today I can say I am more than happy with the outcome. Business Acquisitions has the experience level necessary to get a deal done!

– R.L., Retired Businessman

What is “your next”?

Our tagline says it all. We are “passionate for what’s next.” Whatever lies ahead for your business, Aprio stands ready to help you advance. Our clients benefit from a proactive team of specialists that collaborate to build value, drive growth, manage risk and protect wealth.


Leverage our growing suite of advisory services to transform your business, manage risk and support profitable growth.


Provide the financial, non-financial and information assurance reporting and attestation that clients, stakeholders and regulators require.


Get comprehensive tax services for you, your family and business, plus specialty tax services including international, state and local tax and tax credits and incentives.


Integrate financial planning, investment management and tax services to help you achieve your goals.


Control costs and scale your business with technology-enabled outsourced accounting solutions that offer on-demand access to financials and expert advice.

Looking for a business broker that is committed to your success?

Partner with Business Acquisitions by Aprio and get the guidance and insights you need to make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.

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