The Remote Audit: Your New Normal

July 2, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caused us to rethink the way we work, and as a result, the way we work with our business partners. While remote audits are not a new practice, what may be news to you is that your flexible working arrangements can extend beyond how you work with your team to how you work with your auditors.

Audits are traditionally weeks of onsite work, taking up significant portions of your time and space. A remote audit doesn’t eliminate the in-person meetings, because sometimes they are necessary. It’s simply an alternative, enabling you to set the tone – if you’re not in your office, your auditors don’t have to be in your office. Remote audit teams still depend on frequent and thorough communication with you and each other. Utilizing applications like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and electronic document management, you can expect to hear from your Aprio engagement team often. And when you do hear from us, expect value-added information that seeks to maximize your time.

At Aprio, we’re not in the business of providing audits. We work smartly and tirelessly to identify opportunities for success for our clients.

Benefits of a Remote Audit:

  • Multi-location businesses – Our centralized team, including your main point of contact – your Aprio Relationship Partner – will provide you with the same level of service at each of your locations.
  • Access to full Aprio expertise – With employees in 28 states across the U.S., a remote audit enables us to staff your engagement with the best people for the job, despite location.
  • Increased productivity – In addition to reduced demand on you, remote audits require less travel for the engagement team, enabling more frequent team collaboration and more hours dedicated to meeting your deadline. Less travel also makes for less fatigued employees. Happy employees are more productive, and that’s a win-win for both of us!

Times are changing. Let your audit evolve with you.

Aprio’s Assurance & Audit team has the experience and flexibility to operate effectively remotely – and we’re ready today. We are already providing seamless remote audit services to clients around the globe.  Leveraging cloud technology and our proven remote processes, Aprio can help you safely demonstrate compliance and meet deadlines without the need for on-site auditors. Worried about switching auditors? We work closely with exiting auditors to ensure a seamless transition, prioritizing your business before day one even arrives.

Make the Remote Audit your new normal. Contact an Aprio Advisor.

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