Richard Goldstein, CPA   

Tax Services | Director | I advise professionals such as doctors, attorneys, lobbyists, S corporations and LLC owners/members on their personal and business tax return preparation.


Richard Goldstein

Who I work with

I work closely with clients operating in a variety of professional services, including healthcare, law firms and lobbyists.

My specialty

For more than 40 years, I have specialized in comprehensive tax preparations for individuals, businesses, partnerships and S corporations. As a trusted advisor, I help my clients identify and solve complex tax-related issues.

Results I have delivered

I have many long-term client relationships based on trust and being passionate about their financial and tax lives.

When I am not at work

I am an avid golfer and you can always find me out on the course!

People say I am


A competent and dedicated tax advisor who works well with both clients and staff.

Richard Goldstein - Affiliations


I received my Master of Business Administration in Accounting from the George Washington University School of Business and my Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Vermont.