V.I.P. Interview | Solutions to Serve Every Business Need

GACC: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your career path? KM: Born and raised in Germany, I received my degree from the University of Mannheim and traveled quite a bit during my studies, including studying in the United States, and studying and completing an internship in France. My…

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Your Roadmap to a Managed Security Service Provider

Digital lock hologram with coming off a laptop

At a glance The main takeaway: Cybersecurity is not something your business should tackle independently. It doesn’t matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in, you need to partner with a managed security service provider to level-up your security program. Impact on your business: Security challenges are more complex today than they…

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California Issues New Ruling on Sourcing Service Revenue, Revokes Prior Guidance

California LA city skyline

By: Aspen Fairchild, SALT Senior Associate At a glance: Key takeaway: In March, the California Franchise Tax Board issued a legal ruling that revises its interpretation for sourcing service revenue for California apportionment and revokes prior guidance. Impact on your business: The ruling impacts prior apportionment positions as well as nexus, since California imposes an…

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SOC 2 vs. ISO 27001: Which One is Right for Your Company?

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At a glance Main takeaway: Companies are eager to demonstrate the effectiveness of their data protection systems, yet they’re unsure which security framework — SOC 2 report or ISO 27001 certification — will meet their needs best. Impact on your business: Deciding between a SOC 2 report and an ISO 27001 certification may seem like…

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3 Ways to Attract Top Talent in Restaurants, Franchises and Hospitality

Waiting staff taking order at a restaurant

At a glance Competition is getting tight: The hiring market has never been more competitive in restaurants, franchises and hospitality, leaving many businesses struggling to stay fully staffed and desperate to attract talent with staying power. Strategize for the bigger picture: Employees are thinking beyond the paycheck as they seek out new jobs, so employers…

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Key Cybersecurity Skills and Roles to Add to Your Organization

Woman pressing a touch pad digital lock - cybersecurity

At a glance Level up your cyber approach: A crucial step to protecting your organization and improving company-wide security awareness is to hire more cybersecurity professionals. Find the right talent: When searching for cybersecurity talent, it’s important to look for a specific set of skills and qualities, in addition to creating roles that reflect where…

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