Webinar: Strategies to Navigate the New World of Work

July 29, 2021

Learn how you can position your business for success

The pandemic has forever changed the world of work. Remote work environments have triggered new employer requirements and risks when you hire, onboard and manage your employees, leaving teams to set new policies, handle conflict resolution and navigate new HR matters without a roadmap.

  • How to find the right temp-to-hire, permanent and contract staff to get you to the next milestone
  • How to hire remote workers without incurring business risks or violating complex multijurisdictional tax requirements
  • How to manage your staff in their home office whether they are located in the same city, the next state, region or even international locations
  • The best technologies to manage your new normal

Our speakers:

  • Tim Cofrin, Director, Aprio People Advisory Services
  • Mitch Nelson, Executive Vice President, Aprio Talent Solutions
  • Jamie Neely, Strategic Partnerships, Velocity Global

Let Aprio help

Save time, avoid employment risks and stay in compliance with HR and payroll services from Aprio. Aprio partners with HR teams to answer pressing questions, provide technology solutions that take the manual work out of HR, payroll processing and tax compliance to save time.  Contact Aprio’s dedicated People Advisory team for a consultation.

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Tim Cofrin

Mitchell Nelson

I provide advisory and digital transformation and IT solutions to businesses of all sizes — from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. I advise C-level executives and key business decision-makers, as well as technology, sales and marketing professionals. My solutions are relevant to any industry, but I primarily focus on the healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, manufacturing and retail sectors.