Podcast: M&A in the Dental Industry

February 1, 2022

This week, we kick off our M&A series as John interviews Justin Schafer, Esq, Aprio’s Director of Practice Transitions. Specializing in the dental industry, Justin has advised dental professionals in over 1,000 transitions and facilitated more than $500 million in dental practice financing. The dental M&A space seems to be very hot over the last couple of years. One trigger for this influx may be due to practices reopening so quickly from the mandatory shutdowns without the opportunity to go virtual, therefore, many dental professionals (as well as veterinary and healthcare professionals) did not get the break that other small businesses have experienced. With so many additional stressors such labor shortages as well as legal and safety precautions in place, this is likely leading to an increase in early retirements and careers changes for many doctors and support staff. Despite these factors, the dental industry is booming and there are many exciting opportunities available for someone interested in a startup, acquisition, or associate buy-in. Learn more now.