Title Industry

Title Industry

As evolving market conditions, increased business risk, competitive consolidation and changing regulatory requirements continue to reshape the business landscape, the title industry faces a unique set of challenges. Aprio’s Title Industry Services group is passionate about helping agents, underwriters, lenders and service providers overcome these challenges to succeed. We help our clients make more money, keep more of what they make and minimize their operational risks.

As the industry leader, Aprio pioneered ALTA Best Practices compliance testing and reporting. Now, our team’s industry knowledge and business expertise allow us to offer a range of services that go far beyond compliance and serve the title industry with innovation and consultation not available elsewhere. Through our wide range of services, you can be confident in knowing your business is running efficiently and effectively, while optimizing risk management that enables you to grow and protect what’s important.

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Escrow Reconciliation

Effective reconciliation and efficient bookkeeping are essential to your success. Aprio offers a professional-grade reconciliation solution for title agents. The integrated service provides an unparalleled level of transaction monitoring, fraud detection, audit readiness and professional independence. This efficient and cost-effective solution allows agents to better utilize their human resources, focus on their core competencies, ensure their compliance and streamline their operations. You benefit from the expertise and experience of one of the most recognized service providers in the title industry.

Information Assurance

Safeguard your business and the critical Non-public Personal Information (NPI) you utilize. Leverage our comprehensive information risk management methodology to raise the bar from compliance to true risk management. Services include: FFIEC risk assessments, SOC 1 (Type 1 and 2) and SOC 2 (Type 1 and 2) testing and reporting, and ISO 27001 certifications.

Enterprise Risk Management

Weak internal controls enable fraud to occur in the title industry. We can assess the internal control structure within your organization to drive process efficiencies, minimize the likelihood of fraud and demonstrate operational excellence to your stakeholders. Services include audit program design, internal audit execution, forensic investigations and audit representation.

ALTA Best Practices Compliance

Through our ComplianceSuccess Program, we are the leading CPA firm in the nation providing ALTA Best Practices testing and reporting services. Services include ALTA Best Practices readiness assessments, readiness consulting and certifications.

Escrow Audits and Financial Assurance

Protection of escrow funds and the optimal design of risk management processes is something that keeps title agencies and underwriters up at night. We help you design and maintain an audit monitoring function that complies with your state requirements to detect issues early and minimize the potential cost to your bottom line due to errors and/or defalcations. We can help you minimize the risk of business disruption and financial loss through a structured, sequential approach that helps you set goals, implement strategies and execute solutions according to your state requirements.

Business Valuation and Transactions

Whether you are considering acquiring another company or selling your business, maximize the value of your transaction. Assessing business synergies that exist in your transaction is a primary goal that is key in evaluating the future success of the deal. Our team can help you navigate the deal and ensure a successful transition and integration of people, processes and systems.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Every day, we work with businesses and individuals to enable the effective use of tax strategies and business structuring that ensures you stay in compliance while minimizing your tax burden. We also assist clients with taking advantage of various tax credit programs.

Retirement Plan Services

Let us help you avoid risk of potential fines by making sure your retirement plan is in compliance with regulatory standards. Our approach reduces administrative time and costs, and provides ongoing coverage across three key plan areas: investments, risk and education. From filing your plan’s tax return to benchmarking and participant education, we ensure your plan remains in lock step with best practices as regulations and your company continue to evolve.

Private Client Services

Synchronize every aspect of your financial life and gain a big picture view of your complete financial landscape. Your Aprio advisor will coordinate financial, tax, estate and investment planning to reduce unnecessary tax liabilities, mitigate risks and maximize your returns. Get the best possible advice to advance your financial goals and prepare for what’s next.

FIRPTA Withholding

Accurately calculate and report your FIRPTA withholding by partnering with Aprio’s Title Industry Services group. Our team of tax experts can ensure that you remit to the government the exact payment due.

Succession Planning

Prepare for the future. Will you grow, acquire, consolidate or retire? Every business is unique, and the optimum outcome for each organization will be different. Our Title Industry Services team will work closely with you to understand your individual needs, goals and circumstances, and develop a customized succession plan that’s right for you and your business.

Customized Software Solutions

As all business executives know, data is a critical element required to make decisions. The age and timeliness of the data used in making critical business decisions determines success and affects the bottom line. We provide you with customized tools to help you understand, decide, and act with confidence through our real-time dashboard monitoring services.


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