Make fact-based decisions, manage risk and innovate with confidence.

Your organization may be accumulating vast amounts of data, but your data is only valuable if you can transform it into useful knowledge. Aprio Analytics advisors help organizations transform data into decisions. We work closely with your team to select business intelligence tools and services you need to make sound short- and long-term business decisions that increase margins and drive profitable growth. Together, we provide you with the understanding you need to make fact-based decisions, manage risk and innovate with confidence.

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Financial Benchmarking

How is your business performing in comparison to your industry peers? Our benchmarking service uses a database of over 1.4 million financial statements to spot industry trends and norms that illuminate opportunities for performance improvement in your business.

Gross Margin Analysis and Improvement

A high gross margin is one of the best indicators that your company is in good financial health. Through skilled analysis of financial statements, benchmark data and your business processes, we identify opportunities to increase your gross margin.

Outsourced Data Management

If your organization is struggling with transforming your data into real business intelligence, let us manage your data and provide reporting that enables you to make decisions with confidence.

Dashboarding and Data Visualization

Accurately visualize your business’s key performance indicators to identify when and how to take action. Let us help you develop “The Report” or “The Dashboard” that provides the business intelligence you need to understand what’s next for your business.

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