Individual and family Tax

Personal Tax Planning Advisors For Family and Individuals

Keep more of what you make, so you can make more of your future.

Families who want to protect their financial legacies turn to Aprio’s experienced advisors for expert guidance, proactive tax planning strategies and services that minimize tax liabilities. The close personal attention we provide to our clients ensures that your family’s short- and long-term goals are fully understood, planned for and always top-of-mind. Our advisors will keep you in compliance with federal and state tax laws and ensure that you are not leaving available credits and deductions on the table. Aprio’s advice and guidance goes beyond just filing your returns; we advise you on your day-to-day financial decisions so that you can avoid unexpected tax-time surprises and plan for goals such as saving for your children’s education, financing your new home or passing on wealth to future generations.


Tax Planning and Preparation

There is more to tax than compliance and filing yearly returns. Effective tax management is the lynchpin for managing personal wealth, because the majority of the financial decisions you make have a direct impact on your taxes. We leverage our full scope of services to provide personalized guidance so your tax strategy supports your financial aspirations and current lifestyle.

Estate and Gift Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for the future. Estate, trust and gift planning ensure that your wealth is protected and your heirs are taken care of.

Tax Credits

Individuals can take advantage of several tax credits to reduce their income tax burden and preserve their wealth. We can help you purchase transferable tax credits, take individual tax credits, such as Georgia’s Angel Investor Tax Credit, and more.


Financial giving is an important part of your life and your overall financial planning. We work with you to support your charitable giving and build your legacy.

Expatriate Services

Navigating the tax ramifications of living and working abroad can be challenging. Our experience with tax requirements in jurisdictions around the world provides guidance and clarity to individuals living abroad through residency planning, planning for a non-resident spouse, assistance with treaty applications and other expatriate tax issues.

Advice on Day-to-Day Tax and Financial Issues

Many activities and decisions can have an impact on your taxes and financial wellbeing. As your advisor, we are here for you when you need advice on day-to-day decisions, such as whether to finance your new home, how to save and/or pay for your children’s education and how purchasing property will affect your taxes.

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