Information Technology

Information Technology

Maximize the return on your technology investments.

Organizations buy software expecting significant efficiencies from automation that will help drive their businesses forward. When these expectations go unrealized, it can cause frustration and costly workarounds. Aprio Information Technology advisors take a less-is-best approach to technology consulting. We help you achieve greater efficiencies by fixing existing systems that aren’t working and determining the best technologies (if any) to implement to meet your goals. We advise your business in system selection, process improvement, system integration and application development. Aprio connects the dots between people, process and technology to maximize the return on your technology investments.

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System Selection

We can help your team select an application that is right for your business. We help you cut through the sales jargon to provide an unbiased view of potential vendors based on a needs assessment and guidance through the vendor sales process. When it’s time to buy, we help you negotiate licenses, terms, conditions and future options.

Process Improvement

We help businesses document and assess their key processes including “Prospect to Order,” “Order to Cash” and “Procure to Pay.” Acting as third-party advisors, our process experts provide objective insights and guidance to drive process improvements that yield tangible results.

System Integration

You were promised seamless system integration, but systems don’t always talk to each other. We help you achieve reliable, maintainable system integration through a process that assesses what systems you should remove and what you need to add to attain your business goals.

Application Development

Every business is unique. Sometimes there is just nothing on the market that delivers your exact business needs. If those needs will differentiate your business and deliver profitability, it may be worth developing your own solution. We develop custom applications that can take your business to the next level.

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