Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting

Aprio provides Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services for clients faced with complex legal and insurance issues that can have a financial impact on their business and its owners. We have decades of experience providing depositions; support at mediations; and testimony in federal and state courts, arbitration forums and other regulatory proceedings, and we have acted as an appraiser and/or umpire within insurance appraisals.

Our forensic accounting expertise and expert witness experience enable us to clearly present complex data and scenarios that can be used to build a credible case for either side of a matter.  At Aprio, we minimize the impact of a dispute on your business operations by bringing a mutual respect for your needs, budget and the requirements of the courts. Our expertise in utilizing data analytics greatly assists us in achieving those goals efficiently and effectively.

Aprio’s Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services team consists of professionals that are certified public accountants, certified in financial forensics, certified fraud examiners, master analysts in financial forensics, certified valuation analysts and accredited senior appraisers.

Contact Howard Zandman to learn more about our Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting Services.


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