Non-Financial Assurance

Non-Financial Assurance

Mitigate risk, identify challenges and plan for tomorrow with insights tailored to your business.

Providing assurance for your business extends far beyond financial statements. Aprio provides a variety of Non-Financial Assurance Services designed to help you effectively mitigate risk, identify and address business challenges, and focus on tomorrow. Our detailed, in-depth approach focuses on quality and efficiency to generate assurance reports that provide credibility to your key stakeholders. Our close personal attention results in quick responses to your questions throughout your engagement and ensures you’ll receive the answers you need to better manage your business.


Internal Controls Reviews

Find out if you have the proper controls in place to effectively run your business and mitigate your risks. Our team will employ our expertise in your industry to make sure your controls are best for you.

Information Assurance

Protect your business’s sensitive data. We will assess your current information controls and help you develop a comprehensive risk management program that protects your intellectual property and sensitive data.

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Agreed-Upon Procedure Reports

Get a tailored engagement to provide assurance to clients or third-party vendors that your processes, controls and reporting meet agreed-upon procedures.

ALTA Best Practices Compliance

Aprio, through its ComplianceSuccess Program, is the leading CPA firm in the nation providing ALTA Best Practices testing and reporting services for the title industry. Services include ALTA Best Practices readiness assessments, readiness consulting, reviews and examinations.

Lease Assurance

As a tenant, you’re required to pay certain charges for use of shared areas. We look at these operating or common area maintenance charges to determine overpayments, enabling you to cut costs and improve your working capital.

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