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CPA Outsourced PPP Loan Servicing for Banks

You ate the elephant with PPP loan origination.

Are you ready to eat another one with the forgiveness process?

How much of a bite will it take from your net profit?

By outsourcing your borrower PPP loan servicing to Aprio, you will:

  1. Reduce PPP loan servicing expenses
  2. Free up your staff to revenue-generating activities
  3. Get borrowers’ praise for delivering a white gloved customer service experience

Why should you choose to work with Aprio?

  • National top 50 award-winning CPA Advisory firm
  • #1 Largest independent CPA firm in Atlanta, GA
  • Clear leader in PPP Loan Forgiveness advisory space
  • 550+ associates ready, willing, and able to outsource your fraud & risk mitigation, dispute resolution and document management, and PPP-related customer service

Interested to talk specifics?

Use the form on the top right to schedule a meeting or call 704-841-1120 for the immediate assistance.

Outsourced Bank Services Leadership Team

Richard Kopelman
CEO and Managing Partner

Mike Callahan
Partner, Chief Operating & Financial Officer

Keith Greenwald
Partner-in-Charge, Private Client Services

Dave Recchion

Howard Zandman
Partner-in-Charge, Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting Services

PPP Loan Forgiveness Services for Banks Videos