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Proactively monitor and manage your property taxes with Aprio’s property tax consultants.

Managing your property taxes comes with its fair share of challenges. You can’t always assume that your current millage rate is correct. We’ve seen incorrectly applied valuation criteria, titling administrative errors and missed appeal opportunities due to short appeal deadline or lack of knowledge of the appeal process.

Aprio offers residential and commercial property tax consulting, monitoring and appeal services. Our property tax advisors provide support throughout the administrative and judicial appeal process. The goal of our services are to ensure that our client’s property taxes are a low a legally possible and to reduce common administrative errors that can create avoidable property tax increases.

Prepare for 2019 property taxes.

The deadline has passed for Aprio advisors to accept new client 2018 property tax assessments and prepare for appeals. Let Aprio help you manage your 2019 property taxes.

Although the Atlanta Metro area has seen the highest level of property tax increases, Aprio offers this service to clients throughout the Southeast. We encourage clients with second homes in North Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida to take full advantage of this valuable service to monitor and manage their property taxes.

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Get the property tax information and support you need to safeguard your real estate investments.

Property taxes are by far the single highest cost of occupancy, rivaling federal and state tax liabilities. As jurisdictions across Atlanta and the southeast make adjustments to catch up with raising real estate values to fund community development and infrastructure, it’s essential to have experienced property tax advisors in your corner.

Although we must all pay our fair share, an unexpected or unwarranted property tax increase can have a significantly negative impact on your bottom line. You could also be leaving significant investment property tax deductions on the table or overlooking your right to a property tax appeal that could lower your tax rate.

Working with experienced property tax consultants is essential to realize the greatest return on investment from your real estate assets. Aprio property tax advisors are always here to help.

Let Aprio’s property tax advisors ensure that you don’t pay more than necessary.

Since 1952, clients throughout the U.S. and across more than 40 countries have trusted Aprio for guidance on how to build value, drive growth, manage risk and protect wealth. We are deeply committed to helping our clients succeed. This commitment extends beyond property tax consulting to create trusted relationships that span businesses and generations. We are truly passionate about helping you and your family achieve what’s next.

For more information or to start speaking to a property tax consulting expert, contact Keith Greenwald

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