Property Tax Appeals

Property Tax

As the single highest cost of occupancy, property tax liability can rival federal and state liabilities. Unexpected increases can have a negative impact on your bottom line. Aprio offers residential and commercial property tax monitoring and appeal services that provide support through the administrative and judicial appeal process. The goal of these services is to ensure that our clients’ property taxes are as low as possible and to reduce administrative errors. We offer these services to clients throughout the Southeast.

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Property Tax Monitoring

This three-year monitoring service includes an initial-year property tax assessment evaluation to ensure your information and valuation are in line with changes to your property and county development. During the three-year monitoring period, you will receive detailed annual property summaries to alert you of increases that may warrant appeal.

Appeal Services

This service makes the appeal process easy for you while maximizing the odds of successful appeal outcomes. Our partner, Preferred Tax Services, prepares the filing of all paperwork and represents you throughout the appeal processes.

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