Best Practices for Vetting 3PL Partners

February 10, 2021

Whether they are selling powdered peanut butter or office furniture, many B2B and B2C companies opt to use a third-party logistic (3PL) partner to outsource a portion or 100% of their distribution. By tapping into a solid 3PL partner — including their reputation, economies of scale and ecosystem — companies can focus on product innovation, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Watch this short video for sage advice on what to consider when vetting a potential 3PL partner.

At Aprio, our dedicated Manufacturing and Distribution Tax and Advisory Team cares about vetting 3PL partners. Why? Because we are invested in the future growth and success of our clients, beyond tax and accounting. Schedule some time with us to learn more about how Aprio delivers best-in-class accounting and advisory services to accelerate business growth in the manufacturing and distribution industry.