GSA’s MAS Phase II Mass Mod Released

February 10, 2020

The General Services Administration (GSA) began releasing mandatory modification #A812 to ALL current GSA schedule holders on January 31, 2020. This modification marks “Phase II” of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) consolidation process and transitions current GSA contracts from the 24 legacy solicitations (e.g., IT70, PSS) to the consolidated MAS solicitation. Acceptance of modification #A812 will update your contract’s Special Item Number (SIN) structure and terms and conditions to the new MAS format, which is GSA’s MAS Phase II Mass Mod Released structurally different from the legacy format, as shown in the table below.

This modification will not change the awarded items, pricing, contract number, or period of performance. It will NOT combine multiple contracts. All current GSA schedule holders must accept this mass modification. If a contractor holds multiple Schedule contracts, they must accept the modification for each one. Contractors have until July 31, 2020 to accept the modification.

Previous Schedule StructureMAS Solicitation Structure 
24 SchedulesSingle, “mega” schedule with 12 large categories and 82 subcategories, including commercial products, services, and solutions 
Individual Schedule Names (IT70, PSS, 84, 03FAC, etc.)Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 
Arbitrary SINs specific to each scheduleSINs based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes 
900+ SINs300+ SINs with new descriptions 
Multiple size standards per SINSingle size standard per SIN 
Different, non-standardized solicitation and instructions for each Schedule with significant clause duplicationStreamlines terms and conditions (T&Cs), removes clause duplication, and standardizes T&Cs for all contractors. Category/SIN-specific T&Cs are contained in category attachments 
Solicitation and attachments such as wage determinations and Price Proposal Template provided with Solicitation on FBO.govMAS solicitation and applicable category attachments are posted on Additional attachments, including Category/SIN mappings, are housed on new Available Offerings and Requirements page of 

Impact on your contract:

  • New Solicitation number and Schedule name
  • Current offerings are placed under new applicable Large Categories, Subcategories, and SINs
  • Terms and conditions will vary based on the specific Large Categories, Subcategories, and SINs awarded under your contract

Aprio highly recommends all contractors thoroughly review the new MAS solicitation terms and conditions in their entirety. This is a new solicitation and all terms and conditions should be considered to have changed. Contractors must confirm their acceptance of each clause while processing the mass modification; therefore, you should be confident in your understanding of the new terms and conditions before processing it.

GSA recommends contractors take the following steps prior to accepting:

  1. Understand how your SINs will map to the new MAS structure
  2. Ensure you have all applicable NAICS codes on your SAM registration
  3. If applicable, catalog any exceptions you have identified based on your review of the MAS solicitation terms and conditions. Exceptions are rare and require a written narrative to justify each requested exception. All exceptions must be negotiated with your CO.
  4. If you have pending modifications within the eMod system, or are in the process of exercising an option for your contract, DO NOT accept the mass modification until these have been awarded

For more in-depth information on the MAS consolidation, check the following resources:

What’s Next:

MAS Consolidation Phase III – Beginning mid to late 2020, continuing as needed

Contractors with multiple schedules will work with GSA to select a single contract with which to go forward. The contractor will have to add the SINs and products/services thereunder from the contracts that were not selected to the surviving contract. For example, consider a company with an IT70 and a PSS contract. If the company keeps the IT70, it will then have to add the PSS contract’s SINs to the surviving contract. If any of the contracts end within five years, they will not be consolidated.

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