HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program Partners with Conestoga Title Insurance Company as a Trusted Partner for ALTA Best Practices Compliance Testing and Reporting

January 21, 2016

HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program offers Conestoga Title Insurance Company agents comprehensive testing and reporting across all seven ALTA Best Practices pillars

January 20, 2016- HA&W, LLP announced today that, through its ComplianceSuccess Program, the firm has been named a trusted partner by Conestoga Title Insurance Company (Conestoga) offering cost-effective ALTA Best Practices benchmarking, testing and reporting options to Conestoga title agents.

Through its ComplianceSuccess Program, HA&W was the first CPA firm in the nation to perform ALTA Best Practices compliance benchmarking, readiness and reporting services across all seven ALTA Best Practices pillars. The program offers independent third-party attestation using CPA professional standards, which provide the greatest level of assurance available to banks. Banks have historically looked to CPA attestation to mitigate business risk, which can be applied to independent title agents to ensure compliance with ALTA Best Practices.

Conestoga Title Insurance Company is one of the most trusted names in the title insurance industry, providing the real estate, legal and financial communities with reliable title insurance since 1973. Conestoga’s dedication to quality, along with a focus on excellence, has earned it a Financial Stability Rating® of “A Prime, Unsurpassed” and a Commercial Real Estate Recommendation of “Strongly Recommended” by Demotech, Inc., a leading industry analyst that specializes in rating title companies. Conestoga does not compete with its agents for business,Its focus has always been to support and provide exceptional service to its agent and attorney partners within its geographical footprint. Conestoga is licensed to do business in 14 states and is concentrated on growing its attorney and title agent network in the territories of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and Delaware.

”As an established name in the title industry, Conestoga sought third-party compliance partners that too have a long history of providing high-quality, personalized service to clients,” said John Nikolaus, president of Conestoga Title Insurance Company. “HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program offers our clients some of the most sophisticated and effective tools available today to ensure compliance with ALTA Best Practices.”

“The road to compliance is a big investment and title agents want confidence that their compliance report will be accepted by their lenders,” said Lee Fields, managing director of HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program. “Conestoga agents can be rest assured that their attestation report from HA&W will be accepted by their lenders, providing a high level of assurance.

For more information about HA&W’s ComplianceSuccess Program, visit http://www.compliancesuccess.com or call 1-844-848-6529.


Working with hundreds of companies nationwide on ALTA Best Practices testing and reporting, HA&W, LLP is the leading CPA firm in the nation to provide ALTA Best Practices compliance benchmarking, readiness and certification reporting through its ComplianceSuccess Program. The program provides independent third-party assurance using CPA professional standards on attestation reporting, trusted by banking and financial institutions. Our fast track approach will assess your current level of compliance and provide you with a remediation plan in five business days. Our process delivers the best price point to achieve compliance, offering complete compliance benchmarking and reporting across all seven ALTA Best Practices Pillars. To ensure our ComplianceSuccess Program is in lock step with industry standards and requirements, HA&W is actively involved at the highest level with ALTA, the AICPA, underwriters and most important, our clients.

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