Webinar: Updates on the Paycheck Protection Program from Applicant and Banking Experts

April 16, 2020

SBA loan experts dig into what business owners and bankers need to know today about the Paycheck Protection Program from both an applicant and banking perspective.

During the webinar, we discuss:

  • The current state of the PPP program and what you need to be aware of today
  • Advice on self-employed applications and how these applications are being handled
  • The latest rules and regulations to follow, so you can get your money faster
  • Forgiveness provision rules and required documents

Expert panelists include:

  • Tommy Lee, Partner-in-Charge, Retail, Franchise & Hospitality and SBA Loan Expert, Aprio
  • Justin Elanjian, Partner, Real Estate & Construction, Aprio
  • Chris Williamson, Senior Manager, Transaction Advisory Services, Aprio
  • James Stevens, Partner, Troutman Sanders
  • Chris Rossi, Partner, Pepper Hamilton

For information on how Aprio can assist you please contact us. Reach out to Aprio’s PPP Loan Forgiveness Team today.

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