Yes, That is DCAA’s Website!

March 20, 2013

At first glance I thought I had accidentally gone to DCMA’s website instead of DCAA.  It has a similar feel and look to DCMA’s website; however, it is just DCAA’s new look.   This updated version is user-friendly with the drop-down tabs at the top and quick links.  They organized all the checklists and Incurred Cost Submission model all under the new Checklist & Tools tab.  The Guidance tab leads you directly to all of DCAA’s Audit Guidance Memos, the CAM, and a link to the FAR just to name a few.  I also enjoy the Locator feature which allows contractors to find who their cognizant DCAA FAO is by CAGE code, DUNS code, or ZIP. I look forward to accessing this revamped website and I hope you will too.  Check out the updated website at

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