State and Local Tax (SALT)

State and Local Tax (SALT)

With dozens of different taxes imposed by each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, addressing the impact of state and local taxes (SALT) on your business can be a challenge. Aprio’s dedicated SALT team specializes solely on SALT matters. Our team has over 50 years of combined field experience working in industry, state departments of revenue, public accounting and private law practice. Our expertise covers all areas of SALT across all 50 states and within any industry. We are passionate about advising our clients on the varying SALT consequences of business operations and transactions, while providing recommendations to minimize such tax liabilities so that you can put cash back into your business and safeguard your overall company value. After working with Aprio’s SALT team, you’ll feel confident that you’re handling your SALT matters correctly.

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Learn what your state tax footprint looks like. Our team looks at operations to determine where state income, as well as sales and use tax returns, should be filed and estimates any potential exposure.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Understand what’s available to your company, whether you are able to take advantage of a tax credit, select the most tax-beneficial location or search out other government programs to assist your business in its expansion. Aprio helps you take advantage of all the potential ways your company can save money.

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Income Tax Consulting

Have confidence that your income taxes are minimized and properly reported. Aprio can advise on all state income tax issues (such as how to properly apportion your income among the states), recommend beneficial structures, and deal with non-routine issues that may arise.

Sales Tax Consulting

Discover which of your products and services are taxable. We help you stay in compliance with state laws and find exemptions which may apply to your business. If you have not been in compliance with a state’s sales tax rules, Aprio’s SALT team can help you manage this exposure, including pursuing voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs) with any state in the country.

Transaction Advisory

Ensure return on investment by discovering any surprises before you consummate a deal. Aprio’s SALT team performs buy- and sell-side SALT due diligence for transactions, identifying potential areas of exposure, suggesting remediation and providing structuring advice.

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Audit Defense

Maintain peace of mind that Aprio is on your side. We will walk you through any state or local SALT audit, ensuring that the jurisdiction doesn’t overreach. We deal directly with the taxing authority on your behalf.

Administrative Representation

We’ll be your guide whenever you engage with a state taxing authority, whether that’s a voluntary disclosure agreement, letter ruling request or tax refund claim.

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