Agreed Upon Procedures Reports and Audits

Let Aprio Assess Your Agreed-Upon Procedures

At Aprio, we know that different business situations require different types of assurance. An Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP) engagement is often performed when companies need reporting outside of the scope of a broader review, compilation or audit that is tailored to a specific business use case.

AUP reports are about very specific circumstances between limited number of parties, whereas SOC reports  (SOC 1 and SOC 2) are typically about subject matter and criteria relevant to a wide number of users of a system. For this reason, AUP can be a more precise, cost-effective means of parties gaining assurance over some subject matter.

In an AUP engagement, an independent auditor performs very specifically defined procedures agreed to by two or more parties to provide a common understanding of the results of those procedures. AUPs typically involve three parties: the responsible party who usually defines the scope of the engagement, the specified party or the client being serviced, and the CPA practitioner conducting the audit.

Your agreed-upon procedures engagement will be performed by a licensed Aprio CPA and result in an attestation report performed under SSAE 18, AT-C Section 105 for “concepts common to all Attestation Engagements,” and SSAE 18 AT-C Section 215, for “Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements.”

Let an Aprio advisor help you determine the attestation services that are right for your business.

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When Agreed-Upon Procedures Are Necessary

In our experience, AUPs are most effective to communicate results of specific procedures against a defined subject matter, when some broader more general purpose report may not be specific enough, or perhaps overly broad. AT-C 215 provides these examples of AUP scenarios:

  • Execution of a sampling application after agreeing on relevant parameters
  • Inspection of specified documents evidencing certain types of transactions or detailed
  • attributes thereof
  • Confirmation of specific information with third parties
  • Comparison of documents, schedules, or analyses with certain specified attributes
  • Performance of specific procedures on work performed by others
  • Performance of mathematical computations

Your Aprio advisor will establish your AUP engagement strategy to formalize the scope, timing and direction of the engagement.

Risk assessment procedures include obtaining an understanding of the subject matter and engagement circumstances. This enables the identification of the risks of material misstatements, and provides a basis for designing and performing procedures to respond to the assessed risk to obtain reasonable assurance.

This also includes evaluating the controls relevant to the subject matter and determining if they have been implemented by performing procedures, in addition to inquiry of the personnel responsible for the subject matter.

How Aprio Can Help Your Organization

Since 1952, clients throughout the U.S. and across more than 40 countries have trusted Aprio to build value, drive growth and manage risk. When your organization and trading partners need facts to drive an important business outcome, Aprio will provide the focused, quality testing and reporting required to deliver the right level assurance.

Contact Dan Schroeder today to learn more about how Aprio can assist you in your next agreed-upon procedures audit.

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