4 Most Common Red Flags for Employee Expense Fraud

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At a glance Schedule a consultation with Aprio today The full story: Did you know that one of the most common entry points for internal fraud is employee expense reports? In fact, expense reimbursement cases account for 20% of fraud in small businesses and 11% of fraud in larger enterprises, according to the Association of…

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Calculating Lost Profits from a Cyberattack

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By: Libby Neubauer, Forensic Accounting Manager At a glance The main takeaway: Cyberattacks can result in significant financial losses and potentially create lasting damage to a business’s bottom line. Impact on your business: Monitoring the most vulnerable areas of your business and enlisting the help of a forensic accounting team enables you to protect against…

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Are You a Victim of Employee Fraud? Learn the Top Red Flags

credit card fraud victim

By: Libby C. Neubauer At a glance The main takeaway: Ninety percent of all significant fraud losses are committed by employees, so business owners must educate themselves on the key warning signs to watch for internally. Impact on your business: In order to properly detect a case of employee fraud, owners should know which areas…

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The Ponzi Scheme: What It Is and How You Can Protect Yourself

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At a glance Practice caution when investing: Ponzi schemes may seem like the stuff of Hollywood movie scripts, but they occur more often than you think and can cause lasting financial ruin. Team up with recovery experts: The road to recovery can be wrought with complexity, so it’s important to have an expert forensic investigation…

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Top Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices for Jewelry Dealers

At a glance All that glitters isn’t gold: The jewelry business is ripe for money laundering. Jewelry dealers can reduce the risk of fraud and comply with regulatory requirements by implementing an anti-money laundering (AML) program. Protect what’s most important: Some jewelry dealers are required to adhere to Section 352 rules under the USA PATRIOT…

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What’s in the Cards for Gaming? Watch Out for These Industry Disruptors

At a glance The main takeaway: Gaming has grown into a billion-dollar global industry, bringing both areas of opportunity and increased risk. Impact on your business: In 2022, be proactive about bolstering your anti-money-laundering program, while preparing for new reporting requirements and opportunities in cryptocurrency. Next steps: To stay abreast of new issues in risk management, it’s smart…

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Part I: Are Your Business’s Intellectual Property Rights Protected?

At a glance The main takeaway: Business owners need to be more vigilant about protecting their intellectual property (IP) in today’s digitally driven world, in which infringement can be harder to detect. Impact on your business: In part one of our two-part series on IP infringement, we provide a baseline introduction to some of the most common…

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Catch Them if You Can: Fraud in the Film Industry

At a glance: The main takeaway: The film industry creates an environment that is uniquely vulnerable to fraud – especially tax-related fraud schemes like tax evasion and payroll fraud. Be aware: Know the signs of fraud in the film industry so you can protect yourself. Knowing what to look for means you can implement controls that stop…

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