Dana Delivers: Tom Cook, From Fryer to Franchise

June 28, 2023

Tom Cook, CEO and Co-founder of Pacific Bells

On today’s episode Dana is joined by Tom Cook of Pacific Bells. Tom shares a bit of his journey that took him from working the fryer at a Taco Bell to the founder and CEO of a company that owns over 200 Taco Bell franchises, as well as a few bits of invaluable advice for anyone wondering when and how to buy into a franchise opportunity. The freewheeling discussion touches on the danger that living wages pose for the profit margins of restaurants, the importance of doing due diligence before taking the plunge into franchise ownership and the five most important rules to follow to maximize the chances of success in a dynamic market. 

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Dana Zukofsky

Dana Zukofsky is the Restaurant, Franchise & Hospitality Practice Leader at Aprio, providing advisory, accounting and consulting services to help foster profitability and growth.