The Top 11 Payroll Pain Points and How to Solve Them: Part II

June 15, 2021

At a glance

  • The Main Takeaway: Nailing down an efficient, error-free payroll process can be difficult, especially since most business owners are pressed for time.
  • Impact on Your Business: You could lose essential employees and also create regulatory headaches for yourself if you do not resolve issues in your payroll process.
  • Next Steps: Read Part II of our three-part blog series to overcome payroll obstacles in your business, from tracking time and absences to updating payroll contributions.

Want to partner with an expert to help you revamp your payroll process? Contact Aprio’s People Advisory Services team today.

The full story:

In Part I of our three-part blog series on payroll pain points, we explored five of the most prevalent challenges small businesses face, including dealing with compliance issues, managing manual and time-consuming processes, and grappling with understaffing challenges.

Fortunately, you can overcome these obstacles in your own business by partnering with a payroll and human resources (HR) expert like Aprio. Here are three more pain points that you and your team may be facing, and how the help of a professional team, plus the right tools and technology, can help you resolve them. (For a recap of the first five payroll pain points, click here.)

6. Difficulty tracking time and absences

Tracking work hours and time away from the office can create major headaches for many business owners, especially when you’re managing disparate teams in different offices. Having the right integrated people platform can take the hassle out of managing this process — and it’s an area where our People Advisory Services team can help.

7. Incompatible software

How many times have you thought, “This process would be so much easier if I could automate it?” In many cases, software implementations create more barriers than opportunities when tools don’t “talk” to the other systems you have in place to manage payroll and human resources. Find people-related platforms, tools and technology to synergize and integrate with each other.

8. Updating payroll contributions and deductions

Many small business owners juggle multiple plates daily. They don’t have time to figure out the intricacies of wage garnishments and deductions, let alone ways to integrate those processes. But failing to do so could open you up to a range of compliance challenges that could create more complexity for your business.

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The bottom line

At Aprio, our People Advisory Services team provides expertise in the areas we covered above and can manage your payroll and HR function while reducing employment risk. Don’t miss Part III of our series (coming soon) for more payroll tips. In the meantime, contact our team if you need assistance today.

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