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Grant Patterson - Who I work with

Who I work with

I work with government contractors with revenues from $2 million to $200 million that operate in various industries and geographic locations.

My specialty

I provide tax planning and income tax and transaction tax structuring services for government contractors and real estate companies. I assist my clients in making smart business decisions to maximize profitability and minimize tax liability. I have the ability to translate complex tax concepts into actionable advice. I also specialize in pass-through entities including S corporations and partnerships.

Results I have delivered

Over the course of my career, I have assisted various clients with income tax deferrals using the cash method of accounting for tax purposes.

  • Deferred over $2 million in federal and state income taxes in one year for a specific client (and over $4 million in taxes cumulatively over the course of a few years based on the deferral of over $9.3 million of income)
  • Facilitated a one-year ERC of $1.48 million for a client
  • Facilitated a one-year R&D credit of $1.455 million for a client
  • Helped a client utilize $1.2 million of capital losses that would have disappeared due to the death of a spouse by recommending they sell securities in gain positions

Unique things about me

I am certified as an advanced scuba diver and have been on many dives, including in the Cayman Islands where I went diving with stingrays. I also occasionally spend time in the Florida Keys hunting and capturing my own lobsters.

Grant Patterson - Unique things about me

When I am not at work

Outside of the office, I enjoy outdoor sports, including canoeing and scuba diving. I also like to travel when I have the time. My last three trips have been to Puerto Rico, Key West and New Orleans. I like to spend time with my family, especially my better half, Sarah, and my mom. My favorite sports are currently college football and UFC.

People say I am


Dedicated, thoughtful, intelligent and resourceful

Grant Patterson - Affiliations


I earned my Master of Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the College of William & Mary. I’m a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the George Mason University Accounting Advisory Council.