Greg Levins

EVP, Digital Advisory Services

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Who I work with

I advise small, medium, and large businesses in various industries, including US Federal Government, US Department of Defense (DOD), state governments, and commercial and nonprofit organizations. I work closely with chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), chief data officers (CDOs), enterprise risk management professionals, data managers and their teams.

My specialty

As an experienced senior leader in the Digital Technology space, I help organizations leverage the exact innovative solutions they require to achieve their strategic business goals. I lead a team of highly skilled technology professionals to help businesses maximize their digital investments, successfully navigate the digital landscape, and stay competitive. No matter your company’s size or stage of the growth journey, we’ll help you identify and implement ideal solutions to move your business forward.


Results I have delivered

I have implemented capabilities and solutions for 40+ years that are focused on delivering true business value by aligning to business objectives, increased revenues, increased efficiencies and brand reputation.

During one implementation, I was engaged by an international logistics client to improve their efficiency of Customer Rate Data management. Applying Master Data Management best practices, I implemented a solution that seamlessly integrated data from 170+ warehousing systems to satisfy audit requirements. In addition, I established a Data Governance Framework, Data Governance Board, Data Quality Program and Communications Platform to manage continuous improvement.

Unique things about me

I am a dog person. Today we have five large-breed dogs in our family. Some are rescues. We have a Mastiff named Sashi, two Great Danes puppies and two mixed bulldogs. My oldest dog, Nicky, is blind. But it doesn’t stop him from running and having a good time…until he runs into something.


When I am not at work

My wife and I have evolved our adventures together by recently joining the RVing world and getting out to nature. We do this with our family of large-breed dogs.



I earned my Masters in Program Management from the University of Central Florida (sponsored by Lockheed Martin). In addition, I have an Accounting/Finance degree from Florida State University and earned my Associate of Arts from Miami Dade Community College with Phi Theta Kappa honors. I am a Certified Facilitator and passionate about continuous learning and development to serve my clients best.