Greg Levins

Director, Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity Advisory Services • AS-DTA


Greg Levins at Aprio

Who I work with

I advise small, medium, and large businesses in various industries, including US Federal Government, US Department of Defense (DOD), state governments, and commercial and nonprofit organizations. I work closely with chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), chief data officers (CDOs), enterprise risk management professionals, data managers and their teams.

My specialty

I help clients build data management programs that align with their unique business needs. I partner with clients to create the right capabilities and tools to advance the visibility and quality of their data to drive revenue, control costs and manage risks. I can help you establish the proper data management framework, governance and tools to effectively manage the changes in behavior required to improve data quality continuously. I can also create customized outsource and managed data insights solutions leveraging Aprio’s data specialists and proprietary analytics platform.


Results I have delivered

I have implemented capabilities and solutions for 40+ years that are focused on delivering true business value by aligning to business objectives, increased revenues, increased efficiencies and brand reputation.

During one implementation, I was engaged by an international logistics client to improve their efficiency of Customer Rate Data management. Applying Master Data Management best practices, I implemented a solution that seamlessly integrated data from 170+ warehousing systems to satisfy audit requirements. In addition, I established a Data Governance Framework, Data Governance Board, Data Quality Program and Communications Platform to manage continuous improvement.

Unique things about me

I am a dog person. Today we have five large-breed dogs in our family. Some are rescues. We have a Mastiff named Sashi, two Great Danes puppies and two mixed bulldogs. My oldest dog, Nicky, is blind. But it doesn’t stop him from running and having a good time…until he runs into something.


When I am not at work

My wife and I have evolved our adventures together by recently joining the RVing world and getting out to nature. We do this with our family of large-breed dogs.



I earned my Masters in Program Management from the University of Central Florida (sponsored by Lockheed Martin). In addition, I have an Accounting/Finance degree from Florida State University and earned my Associate of Arts from Miami Dade Community College with Phi Theta Kappa honors. I am a Certified Facilitator and passionate about continuous learning and development to serve my clients best.