Mary Kathryn Williamson, CPA   

Professional Services | Tax Partner | I help dental practice owners grow through tax planning, increased collections and investments in their practices.

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Who I work with

As a dental CPA, I work with dental practice owners and dentists who are looking to grow an existing practice, or start or buy a new one. I love helping my clients grow and count it a privilege to be part of their success.

My specialty

I have dedicated the past decade of my life to helping dental practice owners grow their businesses. The dental benchmarking, financial analysis, and corporate and income tax planning and strategies I provide helps dentists thrive throughout the life cycle of their practice. Through frequent benchmarking reviews and close contact, I help practice owners understand the financial health of their practices, capitalize on tax saving opportunities and achieve their goals through transitions, increased collections or investments in their practices.

Mary Kathryn Williamson - Results Card

Results I have delivered

Through Aprio’s ERC team, I referred 60+ engagements that resulted in $1M in credits for dental practice owners.

Unique things about me

I attended a military school, Georgia Military College Prep, for middle and high school and wore a military uniform to school every day for seven years. I also love to run and ride my Peloton!

GMC Prep school

When I am not at work

My husband and two young boys are my world! On weekends, we enjoy being active outdoors, visiting playgrounds, walking our dog and spending family time together.

People say I am


Personable, curious, thoughtful, and have a great memory.

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I earned both my BBA and Masters in Accounting degrees from Georgia Southern University and am a member of the AICPA.