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Hiring new employees is an essential activity for growing businesses. While bringing on more workers can help you increase your output and boost efficiency, it also puts an added strain on your budget. Good staffing doesn’t come cheap, and balancing the potential for new income with the cost of hiring and onboarding new employees is a challenge.

Georgia offers several different types of tax credits including the tier-based jobs tax credit (based upon the county your business is located unless specially designated census tracts, opportunity zones, or military zones offer enhanced credit benefits), a quality jobs tax credit, and a rural zone jobs tax credit.  Aprio helps your company determine which type of jobs tax credits your business may be eligible for, and we help compare the benefits of the different types of jobs tax credits.  It is important to select the most appropriate credit to maximize your company’s future growth since businesses cannot switch between the various types of jobs tax credits from year to year.

Georgia’s state jobs tax credits offer a valuable opportunity for companies to regain some of the funds invested in new hires. If you qualify for these tax credits, you could have the opportunity to lower your income taxes or even your state payroll withholding taxes. With this tax credit behind you, you can limit your expenses, increase your profits, and potentially free up extra funds to promote further and faster growth.

The finer points of the state jobs tax credit are quite complex. That’s where our consulting services come in. Aprio’s SALT group completes dozens of jobs tax credit studies every year, helping clients maximize their tax credits. We have the knowledge and experience to best assess the new jobs in your company and how you can benefit from related tax credits.

The benefits of jobs tax credit assistance

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act making broad changes to the tax landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to evaluate their tax credits carefully. If you haven’t analyzed your job creation recently, you may have overlooked a key opportunity for tax savings.

The qualifications for the Georgia jobs tax credit are quite extensive, so it’s important to understand them thoroughly to get the maximum benefit when you’re preparing your company’s taxes. Each type of jobs tax credit has different eligibility rules and offers different credit benefit rates per new job.

Since you cannot change the tax credit designation of a job once you’ve claimed a jobs tax credit for that position, it’s important that you understand the distinction between the various jobs tax credits. Our team can help you do this accurately and efficiently, so you’re getting the best possible credit for every job created.

The tier-based jobs tax credit only applies to certain businesses engaged in these fields (unless the business is located in zone or county with preferential credit treatment):

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Processing (including software development)
  • Tourism
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and development

Businesses in other industries (such as retail or professional services) may qualify for the other types of jobs tax credits. Counties are annually ranked based on their unemployment rate, per capita income, and the percentage of residents with incomes below the poverty level. If unemployment and poverty are high and the per capita income is low, your county may offer the jobs tax credit to any businesses regardless of industry in an attempt to encourage the creation of new, high-paying positions in the area.  Aprio closely monitors these changes each year to remain current when advising businesses on the various types of jobs tax credits that they may be eligible to claim.

Ongoing benefits from the Georgia Jobs Tax Credit

Once a business creates enough jobs to be eligible for one of the jobs tax credits, a business can continue to claim additional tax credits for maintaining those jobs for a certain number of years.  Aprio evaluates both the jobs tax credits for new jobs created during the year as well as those jobs maintained from prior years.  As these created and maintained jobs add up, the potential tax credits continue to grow if properly calculated.

Working with Aprio, you can tap into tax credits that can provide your company with long-term benefits.

Find out whether your business qualifies for the State Jobs Tax Credit

Our experienced SALT team can help you determine which jobs tax credits, if any, your business qualifies for. We’re experienced in assisting companies with each type of jobs tax credit. Not only will we assess your company’s current situation to determine which credits you should apply for, we’ll help your company plan for the tax credit benefits of future office moves and expansions.  If necessary, we’ll also help you handle certification and ruling requests, prepare tax return attachments, and utilize your credits properly.

Aprio has helped clients claim millions of dollars in annual jobs tax credits. If you believe you might be eligible for some of these generous credits, reach out to our team to learn more. You don’t want to overlook this effective way to ease the financial strain of growing your business. With the proper jobs tax credits in place, your company can cash in on valuable tax benefits that you’ll monetize for years to come.

Simply provide us with your address and basic information on the nature of your business to find out which Georgia jobs tax credit could work for you.

Jobs Tax Credits


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