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Whether you’re raising equity for your company or you’re planning to invest in a startup business, you could benefit from a tax credit. Understanding whether you’re eligible for the qualified investor tax credit and claiming it isn’t as simple as it may seem, however.

Aprio knows that for early-stage businesses, gaining access to startup funds that fuel growth can be extraordinarily difficult. For individual investors interested in funding these promising companies, a tax credit can go a long way toward making a generous investment possible. That’s why we provide advisory services for both Georgia-based startup businesses and their SEC-accredited investors.

Our experienced advisors work with you to determine whether you qualify for the angel investor tax credit which is currently available only for investments made from 2011 through 2018. If you meet the requirements as an investor or as an early-stage business, we’ll assist you with filing relevant paperwork so you or your investors can claim the qualified investor tax credit. As a startup company, having your angel investor tax credit paperwork in place can offer substantial benefits, as you may be able to attract savvy investors much more easily.

After all, we know how powerful growth can be in the business world. Since 1952, Aprio has worked hard to become Georgia’s largest independent full-service CPA-led business advisory firm. We welcome the opportunity to work with both Georgia-based early-stage businesses seeking capital and investors looking for the ideal Georgia-based startup company to fund.

Discover how Aprio works with both startups and investors to streamline the qualified investor tax credit. Learn about our angel investor tax credit services and find out how to start working with our state and local tax (SALT) advisory team.

How Aprio Assists With Angel Investor Tax Credits

At Aprio, we know that navigating tax credits can be challenging for angel investors and early-stage businesses alike. That’s why we offer comprehensive advisory services for both parties, from determining eligibility to completing paperwork.

In most cases, our advisory team begins the process by working with Georgia-based startup businesses. First, we’ll sit down with your executive team to assess whether your company is eligible. Early-stage businesses engaged in industries such as construction, real estate, professional services, financial services, retail services, retail sales, and entertainment don’t qualify for this tax credit, but companies in many other industries are eligible.

Once we’ve confirmed that your company qualifies for the angel investor tax credit, our knowledgeable team works closely with you to apply for certification. We’ll assist with your company’s Form IT-QBR application with the state, providing guidance to minimize the risk of rejection and help streamline your company’s opportunity to benefit from this tax credit. After completing this process, your early-stage business will be certified for a 12-month period during which qualified investors who fund your business become eligible to receive angel investor tax credits.

Our team knows that startup companies tend to keep themselves remarkably busy with research and development, funding rounds, and other growth activities. That’s why we also provide follow-up services to ensure that your company is aware of upcoming deadlines and any additional state tax credit requirements.

Because investors are such an important part of this tax credit, Aprio’s advisory services extend far beyond merely guiding early-stage businesses. We also work with SEC-accredited investors seeking to fund one of our startup business clients and provide guidance to those looking for the most beneficial angel investment.

Aprio’s experienced SALT team provides both educational efforts and advisory services for angel investors. We’ll guide you through the process of submitting Form IT-QI-AP at the appropriate time to ensure that you receive approval for tax credits related to your investment.

Our knowledgeable advisors fully understand the time-sensitive nature of the qualified investor tax credit, which is currently available only for investments made from 2011 through 2018. Unlike many other savings tools, angel investors may not claim this tax credit immediately after funding an early-stage business. Instead, they must file required forms between September 1 and October 31 two years after the initial investment.

Aprio’s experienced SALT team is dedicated to providing high-level guidance to businesses and investors in the startup sphere, ultimately ensuring that both receive optimal returns. Our advisory team assists early-stage businesses with leveraging your knowledge of this tax credit to attract capital, build a network of angel investors, and generate growth. When working with qualified investors, we ensure that you never overlook a time-sensitive tax credit deadline, helping you realize even more value through your investments in Georgia-based startup companies.

How to Access Aprio’s Angel Investor Advisory Services

Whether you’re approaching the qualified investor tax credit from an investor’s point of view or from an early-state business’s perspective, Aprio can provide the guidance you need to pursue this credit. Our experienced advisory team guides startup companies through the qualification process and works with their SEC-accredited investors to ensure that all involved parties can benefit from this business investment tax credit.

No matter which perspective you have, however, we typically advise you not to wait to pursue this business investment tax credit. Since the angel investor tax credit is currently scheduled to end at the end of the 2018 tax year, you may need to act quickly by scheduling an investment or completing certification on an accelerated timetable.

With over 60 years of experience with growing successful businesses, Aprio understands the value that early-stage investments can generate for investors and companies. Our advisory team looks forward to working with you to optimize your business investments and provide knowledgeable guidance related to the qualified investor tax credit.

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Whether you’re an SEC-accredited investor or an early-stage business, our advisory team is at your service. To learn how Aprio can assist with the angel investment tax credit, contact Jeff Glickman to discuss business investment tax credits.